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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

6 Months Old (Mar. 15) - Dear Cash

Here you are, already half a year old! I can.not. believe it. And yes, you are wearing the onesie when you were merely a wonderful thought in our minds. I'm typing this update as quickly as possible, while you are snoozing away on the floor of your bedroom. Yes. That is where you nap - on the floor. You are such a great little guy. Very content during the day, as long as all your needs are being met. You're a little more high-need during the night, but we're working through it with you. You're really expanding your little baby vocabulary, especially in the last week. You shriek loudly, and make these short, little coos and hoots. I'm sure they each mean something in particular, but we're still working on deciphering your language. You attempt to make very intense eye-contact when you want our attention. Until this month, you would grab objects that we offered to you, but now you really make an effort to reach out! I love our days together... you keep me so entertained! Diaper changes always take forever because we're too busy making silly faces, blowing raspberries, playing airplane, and laughing. 

This is what Daddy wants to say to you:
I am so happy that you're growing and becoming a bigger boy because I feel that you're less fragile and stronger now, so I don't have to worry about you when I'm not home. I just looooove bath time. When the two of us can just hang out and splash and make funny noises together.
my boys
We both love you so much. Sometimes you can be a bit of a challenge for us, but we're such a good team and we enjoy working on things together and helping each other out. Thank you for always keeping life interesting! 

Love always,
Mama & Daddy
My personal goal / milestone in the last month:
I actually got dressed and put on make-up every day last week. WOOHOO hahaha

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Highlights for Cash:
- still hasn't actually rolled from his back onto his tummy. He rolls onto either side with ease, and I am fully convinced that he could make it all the way, but he just doesn't enjoy being on his tummy, so why would he voluntarily roll onto it?!
- Had his first cold - it lasted for 10 days, which I believe is fairly average for a cold. He stayed in fairly good spirits the whole time. He slept a lot during the day, and I just let him nap on me so that he would stay asleep and get as much rest as possible. We put pillows under his mattress to elevate his head a bit, had a humidifier going, and when he was extra congested, I slept partially sitting up, with him sleeping on my chest

- He reaches out for EVERYTHING. your cup, your plate, eye glasses, faces, the cats. 

- Discovered the "thrill" of looking at the world upside down. When being held, he will arch his back and throw his head backward.. gotta hold on tight to that boy!
- Had his 6-month check-up at the doctor. He is 25th percentile for weight, and 50th percentile for height. Doc says he's developing well and is very strong
- Right after the last update (when he got the cold) his sleep got bad again. He was waking at least every two hours and was really difficult to get to sleep in the first place. After a month of me thinking "it's just a phase/maybe he's going to cut teeth/growth spurt?" I decided to try something different, and we've seen improvement over the last week alone!  but that's for another post

- As I mentioned a couple weeks ago on this weekly portrait, he noticed his toes and was trying desperately to reach them. It only took one week for him to be able to reach them. But now that's not good enough, now he wants them to reach his mouth!


- He can move himself in a full circle when he's on his belly
- We're working on sitting! He's got pretty good control when it comes to balancing forward/back, but very wobbly balancing from side to side. Practice makes perfect though!
- Had his first taste of real food. We put a piece of bbq-ed zucchini in one of those mesh feeder things and he seemed to enjoy the taste of the juice!

As soon as he's able to sit up, we will be starting "Baby Led Weaning" - "letting your child feed themselves from the very start". First foods are typically avocado or sweet potato. We're so excited! He's definitely showing interest in our food.

And now for some pictures from this last month! Most are also on Instagram so some of you already saw them.
Little circle mouth
this little circle mouth has been making many appearances
Motor and cash
hanging out in the rocking chair with motor
6 month collage 1
(clockwise, starting top-left) "pinch me" onesie : nap time! : cuddles : track suit from Casey & Lyra
6 month collage 2
hanging out in his cloth diaper : the world as seen upside down : chewing on monkey : tummy time
6 month collage 3
daddy cuddles : old man sweater : fun days with mama : circle mouth + lovin' the crinkle blanket I made him

Friday, March 15, 2013

Friday, March 8, 2013


"A portrait of Cash once a week, every week, in 2013."

This is one of the many things he's been working on... Grabbing his feet! He figured out that he can grab his thigh with one hand, pull his leg in, then reach for his toes with the other hand.