Monday, July 30, 2012

32 Weeks

last week's photo!
only 5 days later this time... progress??

still super busy in our neck of the woods!! last week i was wrapping up things at work as well as preparing for robyn and russell's visit. they arrived friday evening, and we just hung out for the night, mostly in the backyard. saturday was spent feeding marmots at jade and juniper bay, floating on the lake (with some funny acrobatics when robyn and russell attempted to climb back onto their floaty), and jenga in the backyard. sunday was a shorter day at the beach, then a relaxing day at home once everyone was super sleepy from soaking up all the sun.

baby and mama matching TOMS

today garrick's back to work. robyn and russell will probably tag along while i do some running around. I've got to get some more cat food, stop by the farmer's market, and go to the car insurance company to adjust my coverage, since i'm no longer driving to work and back. yay for saving money!

the two of them will be here until thursday, then garrick's mom will be flying in on friday for a weekend visit!

on wednesday this week, we also have another midwife appointment. hopefully we're still growing according to schedule!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

31 Weeks

yep, late again.. sorry everyone! this is last week's photo.. 31 weeks on july 18. this past weekend was mostly filled with garrick's birthday get together.. plus making the monthly flyer for his work.. and we squeezed in a little beach time and yard work. yesterday was his actual birthday, so we went out for dinner and whatnot.. tonight i have some free time to post the picture before garrick gets home! him and his boss drove to vancouver (and back) today for a meeting.. so he should be home within the half hour. tomorrow, we're getting together with his cousin and her boyfriend.. thursday i will hopefully have this week's photo up! yep... 32 weeks tomorrow! holy smokes. then friday is my last day of work and sister will be arriving! she'll be here until next thursday.. then friday, garrick's mom and merv will be visiting for the long weekend! busy busy.

it hasn't been QUITE as scorching the last few days... still in the high twenties and beautiful, but a little more bearable for this belly. yesterday was actually only around twenty! but today is warm again and the weekend and next week promise to be beeeaauuuutiful.

as for pregnancy? i'm starting to feel a little more fatigue setting in.. nothing crazy, but.. i might benefit from a nap in the afternoon every once in a while! and early bedtimes are a must. i haven't had any hip pain for quite awhile, which is a relief! still no stretch marks. a little bit of heartburn.. other than a bit of discomfort here and there, things are pretty good!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

30 Weeks

i know, i know... i'm an entire WEEK late with this photo!!! it was taken last weekend, and the write-up was done last thursday.. so just keep that in mind while reading!

due to a crazy-busy schedule and sporadically working internet (it's still not fixed... grrr....), this was delayed. i've taken this week's photo and will hopefully have it ready to post tomorrow or friday. fingers crossed!!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

29 weeks

and with summer, comes a busy schedule for us!! i took this week's photos earlier than usual (on tuesday, instead of wednesday.. because i felt super cute in this outfit!) and yet here i am, posting it later than usual! tsk tsk. this week just seemd to fly by.. tuesday i took my weekly photo as well as our monthly photos, then because garrick stayed home from street hockey to spend the night with me before going off to the kootenays, i shut the electronics down and enjoyed a nice movie with him. wednesday night i was alone.. i did some running around prior to coming home, watered the garden, editted the photos, and did some baby room organizing. thursday it was super nice out, so we went to the beach and to earls for dinner. friday it was back to the beach, enjoyed the backyard, then went to bed! garrick works this morning, so i finally had some time to finish up the picture and post it.

during my running around on wednesday, i stopped in at the fabric store for some fabric to make more diaper inserts. they had a whole bunch of bolts on clearance, so i decided on some fleece that was 70% off. and i bought THREE METRES of it!!!!!! it wasn't until thursday night when we were watching tv that i realized this and absolutely burst out laughing. WHY DO I NEED THREE METRES OF FLEECE?! that's NINE. feet. hahahahaha. that's soooo much fleece. i guess i could make a stuffed animal or something????? i still find it hilarious.. omg.

everywhere i read that moms-to-be should be doing a fetal kick count.. and that you should feel at least 10 movements in an hour (picking the same hour every day, when baby seems active). well this baby... i could count 10 movements in less than 20 minutes usually! he's pretty crazy in there. i guess i don't have anything to compare it to, but to me it seems like he's a pretty active little guy. busy learning about his tiny environment.

i have a post coming about our baby shower.. it was so much fun and i loved being able to see everyone! this kid was definitely spoiled, that's for sure! i'm still busy sorting through everything! there are piles all over the baby room. plus my progress is slowed down cuz i want to take pictures of all the cute things... which turns out to be everything.

garrick's high school reunion was lots of fun too! i totally felt like a celebrity. everyone that he has on facebook can see my weekly photos. i figured that this wasn't only a big moment in MY life, but a big moment in garrick's life, so why shouldn't his friends in addition to mine, be kept up-to-date? so pretty much everyone that he introduced me to would say that they felt like they already knew me, and that they love the photos. hehe.

it's going to be in the thirties this weekend (and all next week!) so we'll be off to the beach!! garrick finally got to go for a long-awaited swim on thursday.. and friday.. and we may have to blow up the floaty so i can enjoy the water as well!

only 15 more days of work.. and just three weeks until my sister will be here! it's been a loooooooooooong time since we've been able to spend time together, just us (plus the guys, of course. but i mean without lots of other people being around) so i'm really looking forward to some quality time, and for her to really be able to see where we live and where her nephew will be growing up! wow, she's gonna be an aunty... crazy!!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

28 weeks

week 28

I never got around to posting last week's photo! So here it is. And I'll be back with this week's photo and a written update soon.