Saturday, June 23, 2012

27 Weeks

week 27

here's this week's photo! late again.. lol. 27 weeks on june 20.

as mentioned, we visited the midwife again on wednesday.. and got the results to the glucose tolerance test! i passed with flying colours. my body is extremely efficient at using up sugars. so that's good!

the midwife is concerned that my uterus didn't grow as much as expected since the last appointment we had. she expects that i will always measure on the small side, but still looks for progress between appointments. she suspects that i need to eat more protein, but is sending us for another ultrasound just to be sure the little guy is growing like he should. the ultrasound has been squeezed in for june 5.

this made me kind of nervous, of course. and i came home kind of feeling like i was failing at nourishing our baby. i even told garrick the last couple weeks that i didn't feel like i had grown much.. and i was right! but how am i supposed to know whether or not i'm getting the right amount of protein? it's not like i'm a vegetarian or anything. but oh well.. now i know, and i've been concentrating on packing it in. we bought peanuts, almonds, and pumpkin seeds, soy milk, and cottage cheese. i don't know how i feel about the cottage cheese yet though. what a weird consistency. and i hard boiled a bunch of eggs and have been eating those too.. in addition to peanut butter/banana toast for breakfast, and whatever meat we have for dinner. hopefully that's all it is, and nothing's wrong with cashew. he moves around a lot so i try to take that as a good sign that he's still super healthy. maybe he'll just be small! but still as healthy as can be. i guess we'll find out after the 5th.

other than that, i don't think there's too much new!
july 27 will officially be my last day of work.

we'll be in edmonton in just one week!!! we're super excited for our road trip.. and this could be the last one until cashew comes along. it's crazy to think we haven't seen a lot of our family members for one whole year!!!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

26 weeks

26 Weeks

week 26

It's been a busy week, hence the late post! Although I feel like I say that every week. Time is absolutely flying by.. I can't believe it. It seems like there are so many things I want to accomplish in a week, but I just can't keep up! This week, I was able to take my pictures on Wednesday, as per usual, but then didn't have the chance to put them together until tonight!

after taking the photos Wednesday after work, we had to rush out to do our two-week grocery shop. Normally we do this every second friday, but Friday we would be camping.. And we needed food ahead of time, of course! So under those circumstances, we'd normally go shopping Thursday night. But Thursday, I had a hair appointment. So Wednesday it was. And my hair was the reason for not getting the picture done Thursday. It was well over-due, since I haven't gone since the end of February, or beginning of march!

What's new, pregnancy-wise...

Potential onset of insomnia??? It seems like i haven't been sleeping as soundly as usual. Sleep hasn't been as deep, and I toss and turn quite a bit. And, of course, i'm still waking up super early usually! I find it really difficult to stay up past ten. On a regular night, we're curled up in bed by 9. When we're camping, we'll stay up til 11-ish.. And that's really pushing it for me! I can barely keep my eyes open by then.

Back ache: this seems to be a more frequent occurrence, especially in the last 5 days or so. I try to stand up and stretch often while at work. At home, I'm conifer sitting in bed than on the couch. The exercise ball alleviates lower back pain, but seems to cause my upper back to ache. It makes bedtime even more enjoyable, though! The feeling of laying down and completely relaxing is so awesome.

Braxton Hicks: I started really noticing them around Thursday. They seem to come about after doing a lot of walking or physical activity. Nothing painful, mostly just a rock-hard tummy!

Hip pain: this is probably my biggest complaint. When I sit too long, they hurt. When I stand or walk for too long, they hurt. I try to do lots of stretching, and yoga seems to help.

Still no headaches or heartburn, only the one leg cramp so far, no stretch marks, no nasal congestion (which is supposed to be common), and no noticeable swelling in the last while!

Oh, I almost forgot!! I had the glucose tolerance test on Wednesday as well. That certainly wasn't fun! I don't do well not eating for 12+ house as it is.. and then to drink a giant bottle of pure sugar in under 5 minutes... I felt soon sick. The drink itself wasn't as bad as I anticipated! It just tasted like super sweet orange pop. I thought I was going to pass out in my chair while waiting between drinking the glucose and going in for the second blood test. Let's just hope the results come back saying I'm a-okay!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Week 26 Photo Delay

I've taken the pictures for this week's photo, but haven't had the time to put everything together!! Between grocery shopping, a hair appointment, and then camping all this weekend (plus the preparation beforehand) I won't have it up til SUNDAY!!!

Stay tuned :)

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Aunty Tracy and I

i hadn't uploaded the ONE (yes.. only one.. shameful) photo from the weekend when Aunty Tracy visited by the time i had made my last post. so here it is!

taken up at predator ridge, with lake okanagan in the background


i'm very mad.

today, i was supposed to go to the hospital and do the stupid 3-hour glucose tolerance test. garrick had to work, and this was the only free saturday between the last midwife appointment and the next.. and the test is to be done between 24 and 28 weeks. so anyway.. i knew the lab opened at 8, so i got up early to shower and whatnot (cuz we have a busy afternoon planned and i wouldn't have any other opportunity to get ready). oh, and i forgot to mention that this test also requires you to fast for 12 hours. i do not do well without food on a regular day, let alone when i have this little being inside me stealing all my nutrients. i got ready and left the house to be there before 8.

and it's of course raining again, which never helps anything.

i get there (think "wow, there's only 3 cars here! sweet, i won't have to wait long!"), park, go pay for parking (which is specific to whatever stall number you're in), then..... crap. realize that i didn't bring the requisite papers for the tests!!!!! #$@%#^&*. i just shelled out $4 for parking, only to not even be able to use my stall!

i go all the way home (okay.. home's only like, 5 minutes away. but still) and get the papers, and go all the way back. at least point, i cheered up a bit, because my stall was still free! lucky number 13.. maybe no one else wanted to park in 13. lucky me!!! i run to the doors and inside.. and get to the waiting room for the lab.. and.. no one is there. then i see the sign on the door to the lab. "June 9, 2012. Closed due to staff shortages. Sorry for the inconvenience". Do you not think this would have been a good thing to post somewhere BEFORE people paid for their parking?!?!?!?!?!? AHHHHHHHHH soooooo frustrating!!!!!

so. in order to get this done before my next midwife appointment (in a week and a half), work is just going to have to suck it up, and be without me for half a day.

the end.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

25 Weeks

25 Weeks

week 25

Today is a chilly day! It was only about 10 degrees, and it rained all day. I would have been completely content spending the day in pajama pants, wrapped up in a blanket. It feels like fall today, even though summer hasn't even begun! That makes me even more excited for September though. This morning I was telling Garrick how much I look forward to not having to get up on those cold fall mornings.. I can stay in bed with the little man while Garrick gets ready for work, and even have him out my clothes under the covers so they warm up. I'll keep a smaller blanket nearby and bundle baby up to take him into his room to change him. Cozy.

Our weekend with Aunty Tracy was awesome. I didn't realize it right away, but we hadn't seen her since our wedding in Mexico! That was over a year ago.. Holy moly. It's nice that I got to see her, and will get to see her - and everyone else!!! - in less than a month. And then we'll see everyone again at Christmas! That makes my heart happy.

Garrick had left his car at the warehouse from last Tuesday until Sunday, when we went to pick it up. When we brought it back home, we realized we had a little stow-away!! A poor young marmot decided the car would make a nice hideout, and rode all the way home! I was sooo sad that he was taken away from his wonderful family that lives at the warehouse. I saw him a number of times Monday.. He was enjoying the few weeds that have grown up between the gravel in the front yard. Then we realized he was making himself at home under the hood of Garrick's car and got paranoid that he'd chew wires. Garrick started the car to try and spook him, if he was inside. Tuesday, he brought a live trap home, but Tuesday night there was no sign of him.. And still no sign of him today! I'd rather him come back so that we can trap him and take him back to the warehouse. Hopefully he's okay.. There's certainly plenty of vegetation for him to eat behind the house!

This whole "baby brain" thing certainly isn't something to joke about! I'm actually a little embarrassed at how badly I've been affected. I get mixed up over the silliest things.. For instance: Wednesday last week, I wanted to go to value village when we had to go out for cat food.. Then we realized how hungry we were, so we wanted to get home as soon as possible. I asked if we could go Thursday instead. Even though I've been planning to go to yoga that Thursday for a couple weeks. Wednesday night I even suggested that Garrick go golfing Thursday. Thursday morning rolls around.. I think I had even thought about yoga already.. And yet I still ask Gar if we're going to value village after work. What IS that?!?!?!?! Or I will say something ridiculous like "she's sitting on the couch talking on the tv." but I actually mean phone. And I'll even correct myself right away... Good grief.

In other pregnancy news.. Still no heartburn or anything like that.. The worst thing (other than the baby brain) I'm experiencing is sore hips. Sometimes it will hurt to even out pressure on one leg or the other.. And lifting things is out of the question. It seems to have been a bit better the last few days.. I think yoga really helps. I've gained about ten pounds so far. Oh, and I've experienced exactly ONE terribly awful leg cramp. As mentioned on this week's picture, toe-nail-painting is becoming increasingly difficult. If anyone is looking for a unique gift idea, please feel free to contact the nail salon I go to (Cheek to Chic, in Vernon!) and book a pedicure credit on my account :D hehe.. A girl can dream, right?!

The little Cashew seems to do all his movements on my left side.. I'd say about 90% of it. VERY rarely will I feel him on the right. The last couple days, I've felt him quite high up.. He's getting awfully close to the ribs!! Yikes. This weekend I have to go in for the glucose test to make sure I don't have gestational diabetes. Garrick has to work, so it's going to be a long, boring, lonely 3 hours!!

We'd like to give a big congratulations to Jamey and Taryn, who found out today that they're having a little girl!! She's due exactly a month after me.. And I totally guessed it was a girl.