Monday, May 27, 2013

8 Months - May 15

I was planning to add some photos, but keep forgetting to put them together, so there's just the one for this month!

Holy smokes, how are you eight months old already?!

couch cash 8 months

He is just getting more and more fun every day!!!
Now an update on the usual categories...

So much has changed in the last month! On the last update, he was waking up every 1-2 hours all night. I worked super, super hard to make sure he doesn't nurse himself completely to sleep, and put him in the crib awake. I really think this has contributed to the biggest difference in sleeping.

For the most part, Cash has been sleeping until at least 2 am before waking, and many days he'll sleep until 4 am. He usually wakes once more, before waking up for the day. So waking up two or three times during the night is a major improvement for me! He's also sleeping full time in his crib! A couple days I brought him into our bed when he woke between 5 and 6, but I found that he was then fully waking up, since it's a lot brighter in the hallway and our room, compared to his room, now that its summer. He usually wakes up for the morning pretty much exactly when Garrick gets up!

Oh, and he definitely prefers to sleep on his tummy. As soon as I lay him down, he rolls over. And when he's really awake, he slithers and rolls all around the crib.. and sometimes gets stuck in the corner cuz he either can't turn around, or is too close that he can't lay his head down haha. So I have to go in and rescue him. He's also realized that he can pull the bumpers down to see around the room and look for me.

Cash is still going strong with the BLW. He's learning  to chew food into smaller pieces  and is even swallowing some of it. He seems to really like meat and sucks all the juices out. I've also given him plain toast, that he actually swallows a good portion of.

Every morning, we come downstairs with Garrick to say good-bye. Garrick has yogurt for breakfast every morning, and Cash got a taste of it one day. Now he recognizes the container and practically leaps out of my arms trying to get some. Garrick gives him a few small spoonfuls and Cash LOVES it. He's even learning that he isn't supposed to grab the spoon, and just leans forward to get his mouths closer to the spoon.

Physical Development
Within the couple days following his last update, Cash perfected sitting un-assisted.
Cash began to army crawl on May 1st. Now he just needs to learn to get from sitting position to crawling position, and back again!
Is cutting teeth a physical development??? I noticed the little "blister"/bubble on his gums on May 11. It's the bottom, central-left tooth coming through.

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