Monday, July 29, 2013

10 Months - July 15th

How is it possible that Cash is going to be ONE YEAR OLD in only two months?! I can't believe it.

couch cash 10 months

Not much is new in this category. He was doing really good at falling asleep happily on his own, in the crib, at the beginning of the night, and even for some naps! But still waking frequently during the night, and insisting on nursing.

I'm not sure if I've mentioned before, but he's quite the active sleeper. Sometimes he rolls around so much, I'm sure that he's waking up and going to cry any minute.. but usually he doesn't.

Physical Development
Cash learned to get from a sitting position to an (army) crawling position, without doing a nose dive every time. He's quite graceful now! He also started to walk along furniture, which is nice because then it gives me a break. Although he gets annoyed when he realizes he can't always get to where he wants, because his "walking path" runs out.

Does his hair curling count as a physical development? haha. Sometimes it's quite the mess after nap time.

Random Events
We've spent quite a bit of time outside and at the beach and whatnot. Sometimes the beach isn't so much fun, because he either wants to nurse the whole time, or wants to be walked around (not that this is unusual in general). We let him go into the water on his own terms, and usually after dipping his feet in a couple times, he beelines into it until he's armpit deep. I bought a floaty for him, but I think he's still a little too nervous to not be holding my hands. Oh well, he can use it next year too!

While Garrick was in the Kootenays, Cash and I took a very last minute flight to Edmonton to visit my mom and dad. Sorry, everyone else, for not letting you know!!! I feel bad.. but it was really a last minute decision, and we weren't in town very long. BUT Gar's mom will be visiting at the end of August, and his dad will be here for Cash's birthday... whereas my parents won't see him again until Christmas. Anyway, he slept great at their place! Even though he was in an unfamiliar environment, and in a play pen. That was probably his best sleep out of the whole month haha. Cash spent a lot of the time trying to feed Scootch his treats.. which then got Scootch in trouble. Sorry, buddy.

10 month update
Cash at Ryder's birthday : Garrick & Saija are best buds
Aria & I sharing snacks : Me & and the little dude!
10 month update
Motor & Cash checking out the toy box that Popz built : camping cups are much more fun than regular toys
the two random objects that Cash is now scared of : signature "cute" move
10 month update
one of my fave pictures of my boys : summer time hang outs
yelling on Canada Day : this face!!!
10 month update
Lounging on the couch at Gramz' : one of Cash's swim diapers
love birds : signature move again

Oh Cash, you have noooo idea how much we love you!! You fill our lives with so much joy and entertainment every day. And even though night times can be frustrating for all of us, we're learning to get through it together. I like to think that our gentle night time parenting techniques are setting you up for a future of peaceful, pleasant sleeping. I know you've got a lot going on in that little mind of yours right now; who has time for sleep?!

It's so fun introducing you to new things, even if they seem so mundane. When we're camping, I like to walk around with you in my arms, and show you aspects of nature around us. We stroke and scratch the bark on treees, touch leaves and pine needles, and shake tree branches. I love seeing your face when you discover all these different textures.

Your personality is definitely shining through. I notice many differences in you and your little friends! You are more reserved and inquisitive about the people and things around you. You prefer other calm babies, and tend to avoid the more rambunctious ones. When we're out and about, you tend to be a little more quiet as you study your surroundings. At home, you're quite vocal! You've been doing a lot of babbling, and I'm trying to pay attention to see if your different sounds have any meaning yet.

Your dad loves taking you for early morning walks on the weekend. You walk all around our complex, and always return with a slug-count for me. Just wait until you're older when you'll be picking these slimey things up! During the week, dad is usually the one to get you when you wake up - you almost always wake up within minutes of him getting out of bed. He cheerfully greets you, then the two of you head downstairs to turn on the coffee machine and feed the cats. Then dad brings you into our room. Once you see me, you get super excited, knowing that we'll cuddly together for our first nursing session of the day. When you're done, I set you on the floor and you army crawl into the bathroom where dad is showering. You and I brush our teeth while he finishes getting ready, then we all head downstairs. You and dad share yogurt, which you LOVE. As soon as you see that container, you're all wiggly and talkative and demanding spoonfuls. We can't shovel it into your mouth quick enough!

We look forward to more summery days with you, little dude. Keep on being fun!


p.s. I look forward to camping again next year, when you won't be putting EVERY rock in your mouth!

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