Friday, August 24, 2012

36 Weeks

4 weeks to go! let's just say 2-6 weeks to be safe.. and i really don't think the cashew's going to make an early appearance.

speaking of his birthday, i thought it would be fun to make a calendar for the month of september, and write down everyone's guess of when he'll be born! i thought it would make a good addition to our pregnancy photo series. his official Estimated Due Date according to the midwife and ultrasounds is September 23, 2012. feel free to leave a comment below with your guess!!

we met the midwife at the hospital yesterday to do a tour of the maternity ward.. "just in case" we end up there for some reason or another. it's been three weeks since we saw her. Last time, my fundal height was 28 cm, this time it was 31 cm. so we're still growing at a good pace, just on a smaller level than most. he's still a very wiggly little guy, which is always a good sign. he's been in the same position since at least 28 weeks, when we had that second ultrasound; head down, with his body on my left side and arms and legs sticking out on the right. the midwife says he will most likely stay that way until he's born. his heartbeat was 134 bbm. and my blood pressure was slightly higher than normal, but she thinks that could be because we were in the hospital instead of her office, and i'm not exactly a huge fan of hospitals.

there was definitely a chill in the air when we first woke up this morning! it must be a sign that autumn is juuuuust around the corner. the long term forecast shows a slight decrease in temperature (sitting around 25-28 degrees, compared to the 32-26 degree weather we've had).

i managed to remember to pull out my camera when we were camping last week, as well as one day during kathryn and anthony's visit.

hanging out before we could check in to the site

catching some sun!


building me a fire

campfire bacon

best friend
kath & anthony

the "three" of us


  1. You look beautiful! Pregnancy suits you.

  2. LOVE the bikini pics!! How cute (and brave!) are you?!?!! :)

    1. thank you :) i'm fully embracing the belly!!! lol

  3. my guess is september 24th! at around.. 8:30pm