Thursday, August 30, 2012

Preparing for our home birth

More and more lately, my mind has been focussed on the upcoming birth of our son.  We are currently less than four weeks away from his estimated due date. Like I've said before, I think he's going to be late. I don't know if this could be called a mother's intuition, or if it's some sort of defense mechanism to prevent myself from becoming impatient.. But it's what I feel. On the other hand, I feel like we've got to put the final preparations into place NOW.

Throughout the day, I think of multiple things that we need to purchase or do around the house. There are so many of these little thoughts that I think my mind is overwhelmed and kind of in a fog over it all.. If that makes any sense. Since I wanted to document this pregnancy as much as possible, I thought I'd put my thoughts down on here. Plus, writing things down is bound to help organize my mind and help me remember haha.

Things To Do
- wash all cloth diapers - check
- put away the rest of the baby clothes and make sure the nursery is organized - check
- freeze some washcloths/hand towels for during labour - check
- pack a hospital bag ("just in case"). I actually decided I should at least make a detailed list of what we would need since we refuse to think about things coming to this.
- think about what music I would find relaxing during labour
- get car seat installation checked over to make sure we did it properly - check
- figure out if there are other items that we need for the birth???
- charge camera batteries
- take our yearly fall photo before cashew arrives - check

Things To Purchase
- arnica (for healing) - check
- heating pad
- quick, easy, filling snacks for both of us during labour - check?  (i'm having a hard time coming up with snack ideas lol)
- more all-natural laundry detergent?
- vitamin d drops - check
- adaptor and hose to fill up birth tub - check
- batteries (for baby monitor and thermostat - it's been dead all summer!) - check
- canvas/wood backing for baby's monogram
- containers to store the cloth wipes - check
- swaddling blanket - check

Last-minute Nursery Things
- print off jellyfish photo
- hang jellyfish photo and canvases from Kathryn
- test baby monitor - check

garrick's busy seeing all his customers one last time, letting them all know that he's got a baby on the way and probably won't make it out to see them again until after the winter rush. he's trying to re-arrange his routine in order to get all the far away people done with in the next week or so, so that once we get closer to the due date, he's no more than an hour or so away at the most. when thinking about this birth, my thoughts seem to gravitate toward it happening at night.. not during the day. so maybe garrick will be at home once things kick off! who knows..

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