Wednesday, December 7, 2011

wednesday - day off

hmm.. sometimes i'm not so good at posting! but i guess that's okay, cuz i don't actually have any readers at the moment anyway lol. but i still want to keep myself updated!!

first, i wanted to share some photos of our christmas tree we set up! (and p.s. i really need to get an external hard drive for all my millions of pictures)

 i have noooo idea how to organize pictures on here! i want them next to each other and in nice columns and what not and it never usually works... ohh well... so that's our christmas tree. this last ornament (bottom right) came from garrick's collection and it's one of my new favourites.

we spent our first christmas together as boyfriend/girlfriend, second as an egaged couple, and third now as husband/wife! i love how each christmas has been different... first we went home, second we stayed here, third we're going out of the country!

i also started making smoothies for us every night, and freezing them for the next day.

ugh.. stupid pictures... anyway.. yes, plastic containers, i know.. but they're BPA free! and they're the only container suitable that had a wide enough opening to be able to properly clean. so it's justified.

we went to my christmas party on the weekend.. and i got to wear my new thigh-high stockings! i was super excited. so here's me on saturday. i haven't been taking as many pictures as i usually do lately.. it kind of makes me sad! but i kind of don't want to be in pictures cuz the colour of my hair isn't what i want it to be.

anyway, i'm off to get my nails done, be back soon!


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