Wednesday, December 14, 2011


good morning!

as i mentioned yesterday, i was going to attempt to make some quinoa with dinner last night. and it was somewhat a success! garrick wasn't a huge fan... i think cuz it wasn't very flavoured.. i just boiled it like rice then added some pepper and he put soy sauce on.. so we'll have to try something else with it next time. i didn't mind it though! and you know where i found the quinoa? winners! haha. but the grocery stores have it in bulk too apparently.. which is probably cheaper. i also stumbled across this "no-more-snore" (natural, of course!) that i'm making garrick try.. last night didn't go so well.. but maybe we didn't put enough on? you're supposed to just massage into your sinuses and across the bridge of your nose. we'll try again tonight.

and here are some pictures of the avocado plant i've been attempting to grow since early summer! it finally started growing...
this one is actually an upside down picture
of the roots beginning to grow
root system last week
beginnings of a stem!
yesterday's stem.. growing toward the sun!

and my love all dressed up for work this morning!

this is where motor sits when he says good bye to "daddy"

and that's all i've got for today! it's back to work.. with another late shift of course. gotta go make my meat loaf sandwich for lunch!

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  1. Quinoa is SO good for you!!! I don't like to eat it by itself (but my 2-year-old does w/ a little bit of Earth Balance butter). I always mix it in when I make brown rice - I usually do 1 cup brown rice + 1/2 cup quinoa + 3 cups water. Also there are lots of delicious soup recipes that include quinoa. Oh! And I haven't tried it yet but I've heard that you can make quinoa pancakes and other yummies (like muffins and cookies). Oh and yes bulk is MUCH cheaper from my experience.