Saturday, June 23, 2012

27 Weeks

week 27

here's this week's photo! late again.. lol. 27 weeks on june 20.

as mentioned, we visited the midwife again on wednesday.. and got the results to the glucose tolerance test! i passed with flying colours. my body is extremely efficient at using up sugars. so that's good!

the midwife is concerned that my uterus didn't grow as much as expected since the last appointment we had. she expects that i will always measure on the small side, but still looks for progress between appointments. she suspects that i need to eat more protein, but is sending us for another ultrasound just to be sure the little guy is growing like he should. the ultrasound has been squeezed in for june 5.

this made me kind of nervous, of course. and i came home kind of feeling like i was failing at nourishing our baby. i even told garrick the last couple weeks that i didn't feel like i had grown much.. and i was right! but how am i supposed to know whether or not i'm getting the right amount of protein? it's not like i'm a vegetarian or anything. but oh well.. now i know, and i've been concentrating on packing it in. we bought peanuts, almonds, and pumpkin seeds, soy milk, and cottage cheese. i don't know how i feel about the cottage cheese yet though. what a weird consistency. and i hard boiled a bunch of eggs and have been eating those too.. in addition to peanut butter/banana toast for breakfast, and whatever meat we have for dinner. hopefully that's all it is, and nothing's wrong with cashew. he moves around a lot so i try to take that as a good sign that he's still super healthy. maybe he'll just be small! but still as healthy as can be. i guess we'll find out after the 5th.

other than that, i don't think there's too much new!
july 27 will officially be my last day of work.

we'll be in edmonton in just one week!!! we're super excited for our road trip.. and this could be the last one until cashew comes along. it's crazy to think we haven't seen a lot of our family members for one whole year!!!

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