Tuesday, July 24, 2012

31 Weeks

yep, late again.. sorry everyone! this is last week's photo.. 31 weeks on july 18. this past weekend was mostly filled with garrick's birthday get together.. plus making the monthly flyer for his work.. and we squeezed in a little beach time and yard work. yesterday was his actual birthday, so we went out for dinner and whatnot.. tonight i have some free time to post the picture before garrick gets home! him and his boss drove to vancouver (and back) today for a meeting.. so he should be home within the half hour. tomorrow, we're getting together with his cousin and her boyfriend.. thursday i will hopefully have this week's photo up! yep... 32 weeks tomorrow! holy smokes. then friday is my last day of work and sister will be arriving! she'll be here until next thursday.. then friday, garrick's mom and merv will be visiting for the long weekend! busy busy.

it hasn't been QUITE as scorching the last few days... still in the high twenties and beautiful, but a little more bearable for this belly. yesterday was actually only around twenty! but today is warm again and the weekend and next week promise to be beeeaauuuutiful.

as for pregnancy? i'm starting to feel a little more fatigue setting in.. nothing crazy, but.. i might benefit from a nap in the afternoon every once in a while! and early bedtimes are a must. i haven't had any hip pain for quite awhile, which is a relief! still no stretch marks. a little bit of heartburn.. other than a bit of discomfort here and there, things are pretty good!

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