Monday, July 30, 2012

32 Weeks

last week's photo!
only 5 days later this time... progress??

still super busy in our neck of the woods!! last week i was wrapping up things at work as well as preparing for robyn and russell's visit. they arrived friday evening, and we just hung out for the night, mostly in the backyard. saturday was spent feeding marmots at jade and juniper bay, floating on the lake (with some funny acrobatics when robyn and russell attempted to climb back onto their floaty), and jenga in the backyard. sunday was a shorter day at the beach, then a relaxing day at home once everyone was super sleepy from soaking up all the sun.

baby and mama matching TOMS

today garrick's back to work. robyn and russell will probably tag along while i do some running around. I've got to get some more cat food, stop by the farmer's market, and go to the car insurance company to adjust my coverage, since i'm no longer driving to work and back. yay for saving money!

the two of them will be here until thursday, then garrick's mom will be flying in on friday for a weekend visit!

on wednesday this week, we also have another midwife appointment. hopefully we're still growing according to schedule!

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