Saturday, July 7, 2012

29 weeks

and with summer, comes a busy schedule for us!! i took this week's photos earlier than usual (on tuesday, instead of wednesday.. because i felt super cute in this outfit!) and yet here i am, posting it later than usual! tsk tsk. this week just seemd to fly by.. tuesday i took my weekly photo as well as our monthly photos, then because garrick stayed home from street hockey to spend the night with me before going off to the kootenays, i shut the electronics down and enjoyed a nice movie with him. wednesday night i was alone.. i did some running around prior to coming home, watered the garden, editted the photos, and did some baby room organizing. thursday it was super nice out, so we went to the beach and to earls for dinner. friday it was back to the beach, enjoyed the backyard, then went to bed! garrick works this morning, so i finally had some time to finish up the picture and post it.

during my running around on wednesday, i stopped in at the fabric store for some fabric to make more diaper inserts. they had a whole bunch of bolts on clearance, so i decided on some fleece that was 70% off. and i bought THREE METRES of it!!!!!! it wasn't until thursday night when we were watching tv that i realized this and absolutely burst out laughing. WHY DO I NEED THREE METRES OF FLEECE?! that's NINE. feet. hahahahaha. that's soooo much fleece. i guess i could make a stuffed animal or something????? i still find it hilarious.. omg.

everywhere i read that moms-to-be should be doing a fetal kick count.. and that you should feel at least 10 movements in an hour (picking the same hour every day, when baby seems active). well this baby... i could count 10 movements in less than 20 minutes usually! he's pretty crazy in there. i guess i don't have anything to compare it to, but to me it seems like he's a pretty active little guy. busy learning about his tiny environment.

i have a post coming about our baby shower.. it was so much fun and i loved being able to see everyone! this kid was definitely spoiled, that's for sure! i'm still busy sorting through everything! there are piles all over the baby room. plus my progress is slowed down cuz i want to take pictures of all the cute things... which turns out to be everything.

garrick's high school reunion was lots of fun too! i totally felt like a celebrity. everyone that he has on facebook can see my weekly photos. i figured that this wasn't only a big moment in MY life, but a big moment in garrick's life, so why shouldn't his friends in addition to mine, be kept up-to-date? so pretty much everyone that he introduced me to would say that they felt like they already knew me, and that they love the photos. hehe.

it's going to be in the thirties this weekend (and all next week!) so we'll be off to the beach!! garrick finally got to go for a long-awaited swim on thursday.. and friday.. and we may have to blow up the floaty so i can enjoy the water as well!

only 15 more days of work.. and just three weeks until my sister will be here! it's been a loooooooooooong time since we've been able to spend time together, just us (plus the guys, of course. but i mean without lots of other people being around) so i'm really looking forward to some quality time, and for her to really be able to see where we live and where her nephew will be growing up! wow, she's gonna be an aunty... crazy!!

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