Thursday, November 17, 2011

books i'd like to read :: movies i'd like to watch

books i'd like to read

1. a holistic guide to embracing pregnancy, childbirth, and motherhood - karen salt(i've ordered a used copy of this online. found it on one of my current favourite, inspiring blogs "my little loves" - link found on the right)

2. natural family living - peggy o'mara
(also found on "my little loves")

3. gentle birth, gentle mothering - dr. sarah buckley
(suggested to me by my friend KM. she is currently pregnant and is having an at home birth!)

4. swing voter of staten island - arthur nersesian
(i actually began reading this on the beach during summer! i'm only about 30 pages in, and haven't seemed to find time to continue reading it. maybe soon)

5. the diaper free baby: the natural toilet training alternative - christine gross-loh
(totally seems like a great idea!)

movies i'd like to watch
(this list should be soooo long... i should keep track every time i see a movie preview, cuz i never remember)
- 500 days of summer

- puss in boots

- paranormal activity 3 (i know.. stupid.. but kind of thrilling and gives me goosebumps)

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