Thursday, November 17, 2011

thursday musings

i wish i had my blog at my fingertips at all times (i guess i could access it from my phone, but... *shrugs*). i always think of random things i'd like to put "on paper" but then when it comes to writing, i forget. perhaps i should write things in a notebook then transfer them once i'm at the computer.

- one thing i remember...
i work in a pet store. i find it very interesting that people are always asking such question as "is there dye in this?" "is this food all natural?" etc. about certain pet products... but then what about the food we put into our own bodies? it's strange that people feed their pets better than themselves. i love that people are taking such great care of their pets, but what about ourselves and our families??

- i need more snack ideas; for both the husband and myself. he spends most of the day driving, so he needs easy to eat food that doesn't require heating up. i just need something quick! no matter how much i eat before-hand, i am always starving 2-3 hours later.. and it's usually 4 hours in between breaks/going home. again, going along with the goal of eating more fruits and veggies, i guess i could start making some salads or something. simple fruits like bananas are easy to eat. i'll take crackers today. but then i usually have some sort of craving! sweet, salty, or chocolate. i have some cashews that i love, but.. why are nuts so darn expensive?!

- acquire more basket-type things. the gingers (my two cats) keep stealing things that don't belong to them.. such as my newly upcycled cloths to use in place of paper towels. (ohh, by the way, attempt number 1 = fail. i had an old towel i decided to cut up and use as rags... it left green fuzzies all over the counter. so i decided to wash them?! pulled them out of the washer only to find their all tangled in the center with a big ball of string. so i cut them all apart.. but i bet that will happen every time i wash them. obviously not a very good quality towel.. hmph)

off to work now.. perhaps i will leave a few minutes early and snoop around the value village next door. i wanna buy baby things sooo bad, but it's a little early for that

mexico - may 2011


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