Thursday, November 10, 2011


I started another blog.. we'll see how successful i am at keeping it updated! and it might get too confusing to post here as well as the secret private blog that kathryn and i have. but we'll try it for now. it's purpose is more for when i'm pregnant and i want to share my thoughts, photos, etc. hopefully it will spark the creative side of me a little bit. and maybe it'll make me feel a little less lonely? i've been really enjoying social networking lately.. i feel like i'm on the hunt for another person that has things in common with me.. of course i have my wonderful husband and we are very much alike, but we of course have our differences too (thank goodness). and i have my best friend/honourary sister kath.. but we also have our differences! of course i'm not looking to replace either of them.. i'm very satisfied with our respective relationships.. but i'm looking for other people who share other similarities with me.. photography, potential mama-hood... etc. and i feel limited to finding such people in this small city.
also, i like to rant. when there's something bothering me or i'm obsessing over some thought, i want to talk about it. but there's not always someone available! and sometimes i should give those closest to me a break lol.

how am i feeling right now? anxious. and excited, of course. i'm almost done the last week of my second last pack of birth control. it's 43 sleeps until we go to vegas, and after that time to start trying to make a baby! part of me feels like because i want to get pregnant so bad, it's going to take FOREVER. but i shouldn't think negatively, right?! POSITIVE THOUGHTS ATTRACT POSITIVE ENERGY. i started taking prenatal vitamins just about a week ago (i love that they're pink.. hehe. it would be better if they were purple, but they could also be boring and white. so i'll settle with pink) just to make sure my body is in tip top condition for little one. on the other hand, i remember when i got the prescription for my last 6 months of birth control.. december seemed so far away! and now, it's just about here. so one month will go by fast. i've found a few really good mama blogs online and have been gathering ideas on how i want to document my own pregnancy (for family/friends, for myself, and for little one to look back on.. also, i suppose to compare future second pregnancy to the first!). it almost gets me choked up to think about what awaits me. i'm sooooo excited. i shared my documenting thoughts with the husband, and asked if he would gladly participate, and he said he will. i think he's a little tired of my baby obsession lol.. but i'm sure once it's actually here, it'll spark his interest even more.
for right now, i've got to get ready for work! but i've decided to try to include at least one photo with every post. what to share today....

pirate enjoying a wonderful daytime snooze by the window

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