Tuesday, November 15, 2011


I know.. i'm probably too excited/too-thinking-ahead-ish for someone who isn't even pregnant yet.. but I'm starting a wish list for things that I want... this way i won't forget once i have "baby brain"!

now that we ARE pregnant, i can actually make use of this list!

first off... i really want to avoid Winnie the Pooh.

1. the moby wrap
i think we may have changed our mind about the moby.. but any other sort of
sling to carry baby in would be excellent! a popular one i've read about on
many blogs is the sakura bloom sling. they're expensive though.. i wonder
where i could find one on sale...

oh, and another good carrier (garrick's more interested in this type) is
something like the baby bjorn or ergo (although i've read they only really
fit babies over 6 months) there's one called the lillebaby Nordic Carrier
2. cloth diapers -
we don't want to use disposables! so far we've got 20 cloth diapers, but are certainly
going to need a lot more!
3. Bumbo

4. Rockabye Baby!

we bought this exact cd! i'm super excited to play it. the radiohead one
would be good too!
5. Breast Feeding Pillow
there are so many out there! the Brest Friend pillow seems to be talked about a lot

the Simplisse Gia Nursing Pillow is rather intriguing to me! i've heard good things about this one

- convertible crib (thanks to my mom and dad!!)
- dresser/change table/changing pad
- rocking chair
- pack & play
- jogging stroller
- carseat
- bouncy chair

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