Wednesday, January 11, 2012

happy new year!

(originally typed on new year's day... forgot to publish.. oop!)
welcome to twenty twelve. i'm working on an overview of 2011 at the moment.. it's a little difficult to think of all the things that happened in the year! but this is all about looking forward to the next year. i do feel like i've grown a lot in this year.. i've gone through some really tough times and lived through uncertainty. but a lot of really wonderful, life changing things also happened! this year hopefully we'll be introducing a new kopiak into the family, saving and saving for our own house (we're quite comfortable in our rental at the moment, and happy that we still have room to grow into it), attempting to go home for christmas, celebrating our 4th and another different christmas, and enjoying the beach. i'm also hoping to do something about the constantly late hours that i work.

(one of) my resolution: be more dilligent about sending birthday cards home.

this new year's, garrick's mom and stepdad merv came for a visit! they arrived after a verrrryyy long drive thursday night, and leave early tomorrow morning. we went to los huesos for dinner last night, which was delicious, then came home and they had some drinks and we all played some wii! everyone was pretty tired by the time the countdown rolled around.. we all cheered and kissed, the kitties even seemed to celebrate! and then off to bed.

the last day they were here, cathy showed me (ahem... i'm not a cooker..) how she makes scalloped potatoes and a most delicious ham! we also went for a walk about vernon.. it was really nice!

dinner at los huesos

los huesos menu

my virgin strawberry margharita.. and water

new year's day walk. up on turtle mountain (it was cold)

looking down on okanagan landing. our house is there somewhere

garrick and mama (okanagan lake in the  background)


  1. I am reading your blog and am enjoyinag it, sister. I hope as well that I will keep up with everything happening on your mama journey haha! I wish I had more money so that I could take time off work and come visit but I can't for a while here... :(


    1. save up! it'd cost approximately $400 to fly out here round trip.. that's really not that much.. less than half a pay cheque i'm assuming!

  2. Yes except my whole pay cheque goes towards something that I have to budget for so it will be a bit till I can gather up 400 bucks