Friday, February 3, 2012

First Trimester

7 weeks

i haven't been even posting about pregnant life so far!! but that's because there really hasn't been much to report!

how do i feel? - pretty normal!! it was just in the last week that i've been getting more exhausted than usual.. but this really could just be because of the long days. still no nausea. definitely a stronger sense of smell.. luckily nothing creates nausea. lots and lots of hunger.. but this might not be out of the ordinary. i'm typically always hungry lol. slight increase in peeing. i think my mood has been pretty much in check.. i should probably double check with the husband on that haha. oh, and my skin.. it was pretty bad a couple weeks ago, but i've been using coconut oil as a moisturizer and haven't had any new break-outs! YAY. oh, and hair growth... that definitely picked up! i shave my legs every morning.. and by night they feel prickly! garrick says i'm imagining things and it's not really like that.. but he might just be saying that to be nice.

baby - this week the face is becoming more defined, arm and leg buds are forming, the umbilical cord is now visible. baby has double in size from last week.. going from a sweet pea to a blueberry (approximately 0.5 inches)

around the home - usually it's the mom that's soooooo anxious to start buying baby stuff. well in this house, it's dad! in the last couple weeks we've bought a playpen, my rocking chair and stool, an awesome stroller (yes, we put motor in it and wheeled him around the house...), and a dresser. oh, and we found the most adorable halloween onesie (for $0.60 at winners!!), bought a pack of receiving blankets, and a cut little hat. we've put up a couple corner shelves in the nursery, along with an un-kill-able plant (snake plant) and... a mini bonsai.. which is totally killable. but i faithfully mist it everyday like i'm supposed to! i wanted plants in there to soak up some toxins and make baby's room extra healthy.

on wednesday we had our first prenatal appointment! it was nice to meet our midwife.. and garrick really likes her too. we mostly just talked.. she took a medical history and gave us lots of information. there was one scary part that neither of us had really put much thought into. the whole "what if your baby has a chromosomal defect" thing. and whether or not we'd want to test for it ahead of time. and what we would do/think about the results. garrick's response is pretty much "don't even think about it, we're having a healthy baby" which i partially agree with... positive thoughts!! well there's a 1 in 475 chance of having a baby with any chromosomal defect (1 in 1250 for specifically down's syndrome).. that's only 0.22%. i would get a blood screening done between 10 and 14 weeks to check.. but there's a 5% chance of a false positive. so there's 20 times greater possibility to have a false positive than to actually have a defect! do we want the test?

other than that little tidbit (which the midwife is legally obligated to offer) it was wonderful! she felt my belly a bit (saying she shouldn't feel anything yet.. unless i was further along than i thought, or if i was having multiples), weighed me (she said not to be alarmed because her scale usually weighed 5 lbs. less.. but nonetheless will be a consistent gauge of my weight gain), and took my blood pressure. our next appointment is in exactly 4 weeks (february 29) and she said there's a good chance that we'll be able to hear the baby's heartbeat with a doppler by then!

garrick's began the journey of getting into wonderful shape! he started this week.. wanting to go snowboarding friday (today!) and knowing how sore he's been every other first time of the year, he decided to make use of the exercise bike at work! already three times this week he used it. so i came up with this wonderful idea. over the next nine months, my belly will be growing and his will be shrinking. so why not document this together!? so while we're doing my monthly photos (yes, there will be weekly photos of me as well) he'll be jumping into some of the shots. stay tuned...

also in exciting news: we booked our flights home for christmas!! nice and early and for cheaper than expected. we'll be flying there late on friday, december 21 and returning thursday, december 27. we'll see what it's like flying with a 3 month old baby... any tips?!


  1. Hi there! I found your blog through boho baby bump. I'm due Sept 29 with my first! I'm not announcing it online yet (still have to tell a few people n person) but I'm sooo excited and freaked out at the same time!

    1. ohhh hello!! and congratulations! that's sooooo exciting. i'm due sept 19 (actually the midwife says sept 21.. but according to every due date calendar it says sept 19.. so whatever lol) so that's cool! we can follow each other's pregnancies and share in the excitement :)

      we actually haven't told many people yet.. but no one knows about my blog other than my best friend and i wanted to document right from the beginning!