Monday, February 27, 2012

lonely night


*sigh* hubby had to make a trip to the kootenays without me this time.. how sad. although it's a fair trade since we now get to spend our evenings and weekends together. and he's only gone one night. so it's just me and the kitties! i'm motor's substitute cuddle-buddy while dad's away. pirate's doing her usual bouncing-around.

for everyone reading that doesn't know how to follow my blog (way to go mom, you figured it out! lol), you can go to the bottom and subscribe by email! then whenever there's a new post, you'll automatically be notified. that means you, robyn!!

this wednesday marks 11 weeks, and our second midwife appointment!! after, we'll be going out for wing wednesday at original joe's, so my belly photo will be a day late.. not that it'll make a difference, i think it looks the same as last week. my belly button is getting shallower though! it never was much of an innie to begin with, but it'll be poking out sooner than later!

see you thursday! and don't forget to sign up for the email notification <3<3<3

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