Friday, February 10, 2012

First Trimester

8 Weeks

here's the 8 week picture that was actually due on Wednesday.. woops.

so far i don't seem to have gained weight (if anyone's curious, my regular weight is 110 lbs. i've been weighing myself in the mornings and seem to have stayed consistent so far).. although i certainly feel a little more chubby around the waist! no true cravings yet.. except those darn pickles, when i'm not feeling the greatest! oh, and i love peppermint tea. last weekend i drank 5 cups in a row one afternoon. i have to have garrick remind me to drink water when we're at home cuz i forget.. and if i don't drink enough, i get a headache. i'm pretty sleepy in the evenings... pretty much the second i lay down in bed i'm instantly asleep. i'm trying to start the habit of laying on my left side, but i'm usually partial to the right.

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