Friday, January 11, 2013


If you've been following along with this journey that is parenthood, you'll already know that in the beginning, we really lucked out with Cash's night time sleeping. And that he's always sucked at napping. And that he suddenly decided that sleeping in the crib was NOT an option. And that now the holidays are over and we're settled into our new house, sleep is our number one priority, waaaay above hair-do's, make-up, outfits, and general house-keeping.

I've been doing a ton of reading and research on babies' sleep, different temperaments, etc. and I think I've started to make some real progress this past week. I have been really paying attention to Cash's cues and working on a daily routine that fits him.

I have worked out a 3-hour rotation (approximately):
- wake up for the day (this week, days began at 7:30 at the latest)
- diaper change, eat
- lots of activity, play time, tummy time, making loud noises at each other (and sometimes he wants to eat again)
- pretty much 2 hours on the dot since waking up, Cash shows signs of tiredness
- in his bedroom, diaper change, read a book, nurse/rock to sleep (slowly transitioning to sleeping in the crib)
- sleep for (hopefully) at least an hour (working on him not waking up while transitioning through sleep cycles)
- wake up and REPEAT

Friday was the first day of being quite clockwork about this, and it worked out really great! Nighttime sleep wasn't too bad either.. I see improvement!

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