Wednesday, January 9, 2013

4 Months Old - Dear Cash

16 weeks old on January 5, 2013

Dear Cash,

Wow, you have grown a lot in the last month! We think your head is bigger, and you've definitely put on some chub. This past month, you have moved into a new house, started laughing, took your first big trip, and met your whole family.

On Friday, December 21st, we took you on your first plane ride all the way to Edmonton. I think it was a 46 minute flight. You nursed during take-off, slept for most of the flight, and were all smiles by the time we landed and got to Grandpa Mel and Grandma Kathi's. 

Funny story: At dinner, we layed you on the floor where you kept yourself entertained. Everyone clinked their glasses together, saying "Merry Christmas" You let out a couple happy yells and someone said "Cash says Merry Christmas too". You continued babbling, and after a few minutes of it, Caprice said "Caasssshhh, stop saying Merry Christmas!!!!" It was too cute.


Saturday: We were headed to Grandma Cathy and Grandpa Merv's, but made a stop at one of Dad's friend's house first. Saturday night was fairly relaxed.

floor time

Sunday: Grandma and Grandpa had a bunch of Dad's friends over to meet you, as well as some of their own. You were a big hit, even though you spent a good portion of the time sleeping in the sling.

Monday - Christmas Eve: We drove to Gramz' and Popz' house. You got to meet Popz and Aunt Robyn for the first time! Aunt Kathryn and Uncle Anthony also stopped by to meet you and bring you a present! The sweater you're wearing in this month's photo was from them. That night, we celebrated Christmas with Popz' side of the family. There were 22 people there that you met, including wonderful Oma.

Aunt Kath

Tuesday - Christmas Day: We opened presents in the morning with Gramz, Popz, and Aunty, just like we did every Christmas growing up. It was very special for me to be able to share that with you for your first Christmas! Around noon, we drove to Uncle Phil's to see everyone one more time, then headed to Granny's house to celebrate with Gramz' side of the family! There were a lot of people on that side, including Granny of course, as well as Lyra, who is exactly 8 weeks older than you! It was cool to see all the things she does that we can look forward to you doing very soon.

Cash and Lyra. Before Lyra decided it was a good idea to eat Cash's fist

four generations (there were too many cameras going)

Granny and her two great-grandbabies

Wednesday: We mostly relaxed at Gramz & Popz. Both sets of grandparents from Dad's side came over to visit you again too.


sleepyhead and Gramz

not sure if he should be scared or excited

And Thursday, we flew home!

three generations of Kopiak boys

Now that we're settled into our new home, we're working on your sleeping routine again. So far... it's not that great. Some nights we're able to get you to stay asleep in your crib (for only 3-4 hours), some nights it doesn't work. And I'm really trying to pay attention to your signals during the day and try to get you to sleep as soon as you're tired. 

Your first laugh was on Dec. 14. You laughed a second time the night before we went to Edmonton, then didn't do it again until after we got home. Go figure.

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