Saturday, January 26, 2013

Some Videos and an update

How to properly count the age of a baby???

I've been wondering about this for a while. Throughout pregnancy, and starting when a baby is born, we count the time in weeks (ex. 4 weeks old = 1 month) and this is how I have been doing it. BUT, 1 month isn't exactly 4 weeks. And if I continued to count by weeks, not only is it difficult to keep track, but it doesn't add up. By the time I got up to "12 months", which is only 48 weeks, we'd be posting his 1 year photo approximately one month early! He was 16 weeks old January 5, but wasn't 4 months old until January 15. So, I need to switch my updates to the 15th now, instead of every 4 weeks. According to my usual schedule, you would get the 5 month update next weekend, but with the new schedule, it'll be almost 2  weeks after that.

This presents a consistency problem with the picture and his weight, depicting his growth since the previous update! So perhaps what I will do is compromise.. I will cheat a little for this next picture and make his update for February 9th instead of the 2nd (as per the previous schedule) or the 15th (as per the new schedule). That makes the 5 month update 5 weeks after the 4 month update and 5 weeks before the 6 month update.

Okay. Enough about mathematics.

I occasionally take videos of Cash with my iPad (okay, it wasn't very frequent when he was little little, but then I wished that I had taken more, so I'm making it a habit to take more now. Even if it's a video of him just laying on the couch or on the floor doing nothing. I want to remember what his "nothing" is like at every age) but never got around to posting them!

Here is one of Cash when he was 5 weeks old, in all his yellow, jaundiced goodness. He's not doing anything in particular, so it's probably boring to most people. He does spit up at the end though!

This is from January 9, when Cash started making this new, higher-pitched noise

This is from January 13 - Cash learned to stick out his tongue. Now he does it ALL the time!!

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