Thursday, January 12, 2012


i wanted to do a "2011: year in review" post since i wasn't blogging the entire year and i want to be able to remember the highlights! next year will be easier, since i'll have an entire year's worth of posts to look back on

- our first month in our new (and current) home! we actually started moving in on boxing day, but who's counting.
- mini house-warming party. our guests included kari and ryan, and kate and johnny
- marked my one-year at petland
- garrick got a new work truck

- enjoyed our new home, continued setting things up just the way we liked
- bought my purple wedding shoes! and other wedding things
- purple bow tattoos
- new phone! got rid of my plan with bell (moneysucker..) and moved onto the wonderful koodo's lack-of-plan.. and still absolutely loving everything about it

- my birthday! as well as our unwarranted visit from the police.. right at 11 pm for supposedly being too loud.. even though there were only four of us inside. buuuuutt... whatever...
- our bachelor/bachelorette parties. i headed back to edmonton (and probably broke my thumb) while garrick's friends took him to vegas

- mexico! where we had our wonderful wedding surrounded by so many loving friends and family

- our legal wedding in kelowna.. it meant a lot to have kate and kari as our witnesses
- attempted to grow on avocado plant
- adopted our pirate kitty!

- garrick's birthday celebration
- dyed my hair a fabulous, bright red

- road trip back to edmonton to celebrate our marriage with friends and family that couldn't make it to mexico
- peacock feather tattoo done by eric
- overnight stay in banff on the way back home
- had a penticton getaway
- kate and johnny moved back to calgary *sad face*

- camping in the absolutely middle of no where with kyle
- my love and i drove to vancouver to see pearl jam's last concert on their 20th anniversary tour
 - our first trip to the kootenays. garrick has to see a bunch of customers out there and i just go along for the ride

- back home for jamie and taryn's wedding... he proposed while we were in mexico! it was awesome to witness the engagement as well as the wedding.. congrats!
- decided red hair was sucky

- discovered a sudden curiousity into a more "natural" way of life
- aforementioned avocado plant finally started making some leeway
- got a remote control for my camera, tripod, and new photo printer
- took our christmas card photo
- took our annual fall photo
- jeff and brianna got engaged!! <3

- dyed my hair brown (with an all natural dye - and i am still quite impressed with it!) to cover the red and eventually get back to my natural colour
- mailed our christmas cards nice and early!
- attended both company's christmas parties
- our trip to VEGAS!!!

good-bye 2011. welcome, 2012!!!

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