Thursday, January 12, 2012

silly A-Z

I found this on another blog and thought i'd do it too!

A. Age: 23
B. Bed size: KING. and it's soooo comfy...
C. Chore that you hate: cleaning toilets. or cleaning microwaves
D. Dogs: none.. yet
E. Essential start to your day: cuddling with kitties and talking to the husband while he gets ready
F. Favorite color: PURPLE
G. Gold or Silver: (white) gold
H. Height: 5'5"
I. Instruments you play: i know how to play the piano, flut, and guitar.. although i don't currently play any really
J. Job title: supervisor
K. Kids: zero :( ... yet
L. Live: vernon
M. Mother’s name: terri
N. Nicknames: sweet pea, cinnamon girl, awm
O. Overnight hospital stays: 2 - when i had my tonsils removed, and when i had jaw surgery
P. Pet peeves: being told the same thing/point, etc. over and over and over when i understood the first time
Q. Quote from a movie: ahh i can't think of one at the moment... i'll post one in the future
R. Right or left handed: right
S. Siblings: 1 younger sister
U. Underwear: fuschia?
V. Vegetable you hate: tomatoes
W. What makes you run late: the internet :3
X. X-Rays you’ve had: right arm (broken), dental (and entire skull before/after jaw surgery), chest (some heart murmur thing)
Y. Yummy food that you make: meat loaf (i'm not much of a cook)
Z. Zoo animal: spider monkey... sorry you don't live in the wild

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