Sunday, January 15, 2012

wonderful surprise

today was the day. the day we planned to take the pregnancy test. (actually i spontaneously took one last sunday... just a cheapy from the dollar store, not wanting to potentially waste the more expensive counterpart) we typically wake up early as it is, but on this particular morning at around 6 45 am, i was awakened by the trucks outside clearing snow off the ground. i wanted to go back to sleep and wake up an hour later, but i couldn't. it was getting to the point where i had to pee soooo badly that it was hurting! i didn't want to wake garrick up quite that early, but i didn't want to do the test without him being awake. so i waited a little bit longer, listening to his breathing, and finally a bit of stirring. i stretched, then sat up in bed. he had woken up, yay! i told him i couldn't wait to pee anymore, and made my way to the bathroom where i had everything waiting. i quickly read the instructions once more, then took the test. now to wait patiently... i brushed my teeth, waiting for the timer to go off on my phone.

an extremely faint, but clearly visible second line. do i want to be pregnant SO badly that i'm actually imagining that second, barely there, line??? back into the bedroom. i actually made garrick stop cuddling motor and get out of our big comfy bed to come verify the line. definitely there! we smiled and hugged, then wondered why it would be THAT light. i decided i would try the other dollar store test that i had just to be sure. (the cheap one said the sensitivity was 25 miu/ml whereas the one above didn't indicate at all). and.... nothing. "well it's just a stupid dollar test, we can't rely on that" was garrick's response (i'm pretty sure he was just trying to be re-assuring, but really he was concerned about it too). i decided that while we were out shopping (we were going into kelowna for a nice shopping trip! and a new blender!! so exciting) we would buy that fancy, fun, digital test. the one with the conception indicator. easy, no need to interpret test. as far as anything i had read in regards to "first morning urine" as long as i waited at least 4 hours since my last trip to the bathroom, i should build up enough HCG in my urine. we came home played some mario party on the wii, while i checked the time every 10 minutes.

i was so so so so scared that this one wouldn't work. i know that false positives are extremely rare and are usually just evaporation lines being interpretted.. but what if it was still too soon to be testing and there wasn't enough hormone? what if i just wasted $14 to ruin our "cloud-nine" feeling. what if there actually wasn't the same concentration as first morning? should i just wait til tomorrow morning? or maybe even the day after... but you'd really think that the clearblue test would be MORE sensitive. it even says on the box that chances of testing positive up to 4 days BEFORE a missed period are pretty good! well i'm 5 days late (according to my previous schedule), it's gotta work. so i tested again.. and was extremely anxious while waiting the 3 minutes. i even shut the door to the bathroom and waited in the kitchen so i wasn't standing there staring at the little tiny hourglass on the screen waiting for something else to happen.

that's it. this is for real! it's written right in plain english, and you don't get a false read or mis-interpretation with that! and right on schedule, according to my previous calculations. i jumped around and squeeled and felt like it was actually okay to believe it this time.

(ew, why is my face so shiny??)
that's all it took for us! one month. wow! and it seems as if my cycle wasn't even "off"? wow. wow wow wow. eating healthy, both of us taking proper multivitamins.. and i like to think that my visualisations of a fertilized egg implanting into my uterus helped.. and why wouldn't it? the mind is very powerful, so maybe it helped my body realize that it didn't need to kick my new tenant out!

so that's it. according to due date calculators, we're already 4 weeks and 4 days pregnant.. almost FIVE weeks! we plan on waiting until at least 8 weeks (maybe 10?) to tell the grand parents, great grand parents, aunts.. and close family members. of course kathryn pretty much got a play-by-play all day, but that's it. and i've got a wonderful idea on how to share this wonderful news with them! i'm so excited.

so begins our journey together, baby.
so far you're being good to your mom. according to pregnancy sites, i may be experiencing nausea, vomiting, more frequent urinating, fatigue, etc. and so far i haven't really felt anything! aside from on thursday... saying that i felt a little tubby and "full" around the belly. and today maybe i'm feeling a little more tired than usual? maybe i'm making it up now though.. who knows! but i'm greatful for no nausea.. yet. you are going to be an extremely loved baby. already we're rubbing my belly and talking tons about you.
daddy will work on contributing his thoughts and feelings on this. but right now i can tell you that he couldn't be more excited.
right now, you just need to concentrate on hanging onto those walls and not letting go! grow, grow, grow...
<3 mom

ohhh boy, i finally get to start taking belly pictures! i know there won't be any difference in them right now.. but just for documenting's sake! this is real now. now i have to put everything i've read into practice.. no caffeine, no raw fish, lots of rest and water... YES.

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