Monday, January 16, 2012

First Trimester

4 weeks, 5 days?

there's a question mark on the end because that's pretty much just a guess at this point. although i made a call to the midwife today to find out about making an appointment. she calculated i'd be due around september 21.. but every calculator online told me the 19! but it's somewhere around there. anyway, i made an appointment for february 1 @ 4 pm.. and i'll be seven weeks by then. wow.

words from papa bear...
hello my little munchkin! i'm anxiously awaiting your arrival and sooo excited to meet you. you have made me and your mother so happy already and you are the first addition to our growing family. i have so many exciting thoughts and plans for you. the most exciting one at this point is taking you to disneyland when you are old enough to really enjoy it. i was there when i was five and it fills me with joy every day when i think about it. i can't wait to share that feeling with you. of course there will be many other amazing moments in our lives and i'm really excited for them to start happening. on sunday, january 15 your mother peed on a pregnancy test. and the result was a life-changing moment. it made me so happy. now the dream of us having a family is beginning.
more later...

i found this video! looooovvvvviiiinnnnggg it. now if only i could figure out how to make a stop-motion film with all my images that i'll be collecting...

Magic- A Belly Grows from The Panic Room Videos on Vimeo.

*sigh* lovin' the belly...

today (and a bit yesterday) i'm feeling very minor cramping.. similar to menstrual cramps almost. from what i read, this is nothing to worry about and completely normal and is just caused by implantation and my uterus starting to stretch. i still think i might be more sleepy than usual.. but i could be imagining it. no pee breaks in the middle of the night yet.. i slept pretty well except for if i arched my back too much and felt a little too much stretching in my abdomen.

perhaps i should also document that we had absolutely no snow until saturday afternoon when there was practically a white-out. it snowed a tiny bit again today and felt a lot chillier than usual lately! it's supposed to snow (and sometimes heavily) all week... and get to -17 on wednesday!

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  1. Awwwee! That "words from papa bear" made my eyes tear up haha I'm a big baby jeez.