Sunday, October 14, 2012

So far so good

It's currently 1:20 am and Cash is having his first middle of the night feeding. And there hasn't been any crying so far...

Which is how it always is.. Except for last night.

Last night, he slept from 7:30 pm til 9:30 pm, then woke up in his usual manner to be fed. Usually he just kind of whimpers and "talks", I notice he's rooting around, I feed him, he's happy and goes back to sleep quickly. So this time, I fed him, he fell asleep.. Then I went to lay him back down between us, and he starts to cry. And not just his little whimpering, it was full out.. As if I had been ignoring his small cries for half an hour.

The only thing that would console him was to nurse more. He wanted to nurse literally every hour for at least half an hour at a time, I'd lay him down after, and he'd sometimes sleep for twenty minutes then wake up screaming and crying all of a sudden with no warning. This is very unusual for him! So we didn't get much sleep.

We spent the day walking around Kelowna with Cash in the stroller, which put him to sleep. He slept pretty much the entire afternoon (wish I could do that) other than waking up to be fed once and have a diaper change. I was a little worried he'd be up all night after all his napping, so I tried to keep him stimulated and awake during the evening.

He slept from 9:30 til 1:30, whimpered., I've fed him, will change his diaper, and I think he'll go right back to sleep. Perfect. I think I ate something last night that gave him digestive issues. Whoops.
Daddy always insists on pushing the stroller

All cozied up in the stroller

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