Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Week One

We are at the end of Cash's third week of life "on the outside" already! I had braced myself for time to go by as quickly as everyone always says it will, but nothing can really prepare you for it.

Week One
first picture of cash. proof for everyone that we really did have a baby that night!

day 2

Garrick took the week off work and was SO helpful. He cooked dinner (as usual), did laundry for me, brought me whatever I needed, took Cash outside in the sun to help with the jaundice, and many other things. I actually teared up a bit thinking about him returning to work.. not because I was going to miss him waiting on me, but because I was going to miss his company.

The very first day as a family of three was spent in our big bed. We watched tv and oohed and aahed over our new little boy. I nursed, Garrick cuddled him, and even did a few diaper changes with no protest! I was mostly able to stay in bed and recover.

day 2 - garrick and his two boys

day 2

day 2

Sylvia visited three times in the first week, to make sure I was healing properly and that Cash was nursing well. She is so attentive and wonderful! Cash was a bit jaundiced, so we spent at least one hour a day outside with him in the sun, and made sure we were in a natural-lit room whenever inside.

We made four trips out of the house with Cash in that first week. Just small trips to start, then a big grocery shop. I carried him in the sling and he slept quietly the entire time! Some trips were a little strenuous on me, but... Oops.

first trip out of the house - 4 days old

The first few days were really stressful for me. Being a breast fed baby, Cash lost 9% of his birth weight within the first couple days (which I found out afterwards this is typical - you don't want them to lose more than 10% though) so I was very paranoid about him not getting enough to eat.. And to top that off, the jaundice made him super sleepy ALL the time and was nearly impossible to wake up and nurse. And even when we COULD wake him up, he'd fall asleep within minutes of latching on. But as the days went by, he became gradually more alert and interested in nursing.. And by Thursday, when Sylvia came again, he was already close to his birth weight.
five days old

catching some rays to help with the jaundice
pumpkin face

i just had a big boy bath with daddy!
we survived our first week as a family of three!

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