Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Week Two

If you missed "Week One", click here

On Sunday, we picked my mom up from the airport. She spent 4 wonderful nights with us and helped me out during the day, as Garrick returned to work this week. We kept it pretty low-key and spent most of the time in the living room relaxing. We also took a few newborn photos and foot imprints! It made me more comfortable to leave Cash and go shower, etc. knowing there was someone else holding and rocking him.

meeting Gramz

Cash's belly button stump fell off on Monday. It never grossed me out until it was only hanging on by a thread. Sick. He became more and more alert throughout the week, and the skin on his little hands, wrists, ankles, and feet was incredibly dry! I applied coconut oil religiously to remedy the dryness. He still wasn't fitting into most of his clothes. Gramz bought a couple christmas jammies that we shrunk.. they fit better than most outfits!

I attempted to switch him from disposable to cloth diapers after the stump fell off, but his little legs are so skinny that there are gaps! And this caused a whole lot of leakage, so it was back to the disposables :(

Garrick's dad and stepmom also visited for a few nights. They brought a bunch of gifts for Cash, including a beautifully home-made diaper bag, and this super cute knit zip-up hoodie.

meeting Grandma Kathi (Grandpa had a cold, so he didn't hold Cash)

Thursday we took mom back to the airport. I was certainly sad to see her leave! It's nice having your mom around to ask questions and stuff.

one picture from our photo shoot
We really wanted to take some newborn photos.. you know, the cute, peaceful looking ones where the baby is sleeping. Well. This was the day that Cash refused to sleep!

At one point while he was laying on the floor, he pulled the blanket down over his face, made a funny "laughing" sound, and half fell asleep. We thought it was his way of saying he was done having his picture taken.. and it was hilarious.

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