Wednesday, March 7, 2012

First Trimester

12 weeks

(please excuse my kind of funny hair.. it just got cut and isn't styled the usual way that i like it)

twelve weeks! baby is much safer now *phew*. we think i'm definitely beginning to show a little bit.. but a shirt still covers it up pretty good. today was a good morning! i had a cold glass of water and a few strawberries as soon as i woke up, then another glass of water and a banana after i got out of the shower. that did a great job tiding me over until my bagel and cream cheese an hour later. perhaps my very mild morning sickness will actually be gone soon! only three more weeks until we can hear the heartbeat again! i'm so excited. and we also scheduled our 20 week ultrasound for may 3. as long as baby cooperates, we'll find out what we're having!

garrick's been getting a lot of work done on his lancer this week. he finally installed his lowering kit, got something that takes in more air into the engine and makes the car go faster, new wheels, new tires... and also needed new struts and a filter cleaning. hopefully it's all done by this weekend, then he can take us on a little drive! he's pretty excited about it all.

i'm beginning to prepare for the impending BIG belly. i've ordered a few things off ebay so far: a pair of full panel jean shorts, a maternity t-shirt dress, and some maternity skinny jeans. kathryn is also doing some shopping for me at work and should have some things to send with my parents when they come for a visit. and i've got my belly bands!! good for when my regular clothes aren't quite cutting it. i'm pretty much refusing to pay for expensive maternity clothes. 2nd hand and cheap, all the way!!

what else is new here...
only 4 weeks til my parents come visiting!!!


  1. I see a little belly showing : )

    -- Robyn

    1. it's coming along quite nicely :) lol

      every week when i take a new picture, i go back and forth between the new one and the week before's and ask garrick "is it bigger? did it grow?" lol

  2. Love the blog and can't wait to read as you write! Aunty Tracy:)

    1. i'm glad you're following along!!