Monday, March 26, 2012

the guessing game

hello everyone!

it's time for my fun "project" for everyone to participate in. i'd like for everyone to take a picture of themselves wearing (or if you don't own a shirt in whichever colour, just wear a neutral-coloured shirt and hold something in the particular colour) either blue (for boy, of course) or pink (for girl), whichever you think the baby is, and email it to me ( and with your permission, i'll post the pictures onto here and tally up the total! i thought it would be fun for baby in the future to see what everyone thought he/she was going to be.

of course garrick thinks it's going to be a boy, and as for me... i still don't have any true feelings either way, but i've had two dreams where it was a girl and zero where it was a boy... plus i just needed to wear pink to contradict the blue haha.

we have an ultrasound MAY 3RD so the pictures should be in before then! we look forward to seeing everyone's guesses

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