Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Second Trimester

13 weeks

here it is! the first post of the second trimester.
a friend of ours has a great second-hand baby shop here, and she also carries some gently used maternity clothes! she kept some things aside for me, and last friday i spent $90 on some great finds: an awesome pair of full panel maternity jeans, green khaki capris, capri dress pants, a black t-shirt, two good shirts for work, a tank top, and a dress.. pretty awesome deal! AND now she's got some great condition cloth diapers for us! i'm super excited about that because cloth diapers run $18-20 a piece brand new usually.. and we're very adamant on cloth diapering. kathryn has also been doing some great shopping for me! she's found a pair of dress pants, a couple long shirt/dress things, tank tops, scoop neck tops, and the lovable maternity leggings!!! she'll be sending the stuff with my parents when they come for a visit... IN THREE WEEKS!!!! eeeee!!!!

this past week we also watched an excellent documentary called "the business of being born". it gives quite the eye-opening perspective on hospital births and the "business/money" side of pregnancy and birth.  it solidified even more that we want to have a home birth. i also really want to start prenatal yoga. if i start going to a class, i'd get to meet other soon-to-be moms.. but i'm shy haha

garrick is sad that nhl season is winding down and that tampa bay won't be making play offs. and this is what he has to say this week: "mom's worried about not gaining weight, but it's very clear that she's getting a belly, so the scale just must be broken. you [baby] are growing and forming into the wonderful blessing that you are."

we love you, baby! and we're soooo excited for our next appointment in two weeks, and to get to hear your heartbeat again <3

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