Monday, March 26, 2012

sick day...

normally i'd be sitting at my desk, happily counting down the minutes until lunch time (1 pm). today, i'm on the couch.

i was battling a bit of a headcold since friday evening. it started with a scratchy, dry throat that felt as if i had just inhaled a bunch of smoke or something. this was a weird beginning to a cold for me! typically colds start with a swollen-feeling throat, - sore throat, - super stuffed-up nose, - runny nose, - cough. that's how it always goes for me. so this time, scratchy throat led to wanting to cough ALL the time, which really doesn't do anything. yesterday i had a headache all day and my stomach wasn't feeling quite right, but i forced myself to eat and drink lots of water. then there was this morning... i woke up with zero appetite (weird, since i've been having 3 mini-breakfasts every day since being pregnant) and the same scratchy, head-achey symptoms as yesterday, plus a bit of a runny nose. i drank a glass of juice for some vitamin c, and took a vitamin d right away. after my shower, i was feeling worse.. but this isn't unusual.. there have been frequent mornings where the hot water pounding down on me made me feel a bit icky. i had another cup of juice.. then shortly after, was in the bathroom vomitting. and this certainly wasn't morning sickness related! i took another vitamin d and a ginger capsule with some water and continued getting ready for work.

i was told i looked as pale as a character from twilight.. haha. there were a few things that i wanted to get finished, so i worked away.. then made another lovely trip to the bathroom! i worked for an hour and a half, then decided to go home. normally, i probably would have stayed, but now i'm taking care of two of us! and i know that a pregnant woman's immune system is already low and it can sometimes take extra long to get over a sickness, so i think the best thing to do was come home, rest, and drink lots and lots of fluids. it already feels better to be curled up on the couch rather than working. i am, however, very thankful that i have a job where i can sit most of the time! that's the only thing that made work a bit more bearable. had i been at petland having to stand, i wouldn't have made it that long.

garrick's worried about me as well as the baby. he's super paranoid that this is very bad for baby, but i reassured him that as long as i don't run a high fever and i stay hydrated, everything will be fine. he feels terrible for having to leave for edmonton tonight, and leaving me without any "care". soooo cute. i love and appreciate all his concern and everything he does to take good care of me. i'm more concerned about him getting sick while he's gone! so he's packed up with his own stash of vitamin d and some ginger capsules (just in case). i blame the two sick girls at the prenatal yoga class.. what are you thinking, going to a class while sick, which a bunch of women with compromised immune systems?! ohh well. i like to think every illness strengthens me and my immune system... and now, in turn, the baby's immune system!

so here i am, stretched out on the couch, tucked under the snow leopard-print fuzzy blanket, with pirate curled up on top of my feet, and motor on my chest. the kitties always take such good care of me :)

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