Tuesday, March 13, 2012

what's been going on lately?

well i'll tell you.

i've been feeling super guilty about everything people throw away lately. we've been trying to do our part by recycling really well, and it's definitely made a huge impact on the amount of garbage we have!! but now i want to go one step further. 30-40% of garbage is made up of compostable material.. that's crazy! think of all that space being taken up in the landfills.. what if everyone did their part recycling and composting? that's our project for this weekend.. to start a compost. i'm really excited about it! you just can't put meat or dairy into the compost.. but lots of other things are fair game! leftovers of fruits and veggies, nail clippings, paper/kleenex, hair, egg shells, bread (but not white.. which we don't eat anyway), tea bags, dryer lint, coffee grounds, nut shells, pencil shavings, dead houseplants, dried up dead leaves from outside, grass clippings... soooo many things that we un-necessarily throw away! and what's compost good for? the garden!

i've also been planting stuff. i started a little tray of: sweet peas, basil, tarragon, chives, dill, and oregano! and my avocado pit has been planted into dirt.. it seems to be doing well. maybe i'll turn my brown thumb green after all!

on the weekend, we made our announcement to the facebook world.. that was pretty fun!

garrick has been working super hard on his diet and exercise regime. he's losing some weight and it's definitely showing! i'm very proud of him. he's been doing a ton of wii fit and sit-ups every day.. and some days he's even able to work out at the little gym at the office. i think in the last month he's lost 5 lbs. he wants to lose more by the time he gets his awesome chest piece in august so he can show it off :)

my favourites off pinterest:

tips for growing citrus indoors

and there will be a new photo and update tomorrow! :)

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