Thursday, March 22, 2012

Second Trimester

14 weeks

better late than never!! here's the 14 week photo. and if you compare to last week, there's definitely a difference. yesterday i worked up the courage to attend a prenatal yoga class. it was really good! there were only 3 other girls at the class.. all between 20 and 26 weeks, so in comparison to them, i don't look pregnant at all! it was a lot easier than regular yoga. a pregnant woman's body produces a natural muscle relaxant, which makes it a lot easier to over-do exercise, so prenatal yoga is meant to accomodate for that, as well as the growing belly. it focussed a lot on stretching and opening the hip muscles and joints, and helps a mom really connect with her body and baby. that particular studio only has two more prenatal classes.. but i'll miss next week because of our midwife appointment. i did order the prenatal version of the yoga dvd i already have, so i can do it at home for a lot cheaper! i'll do it right after work while garrick is out doing his daily jog.

random fact: between the two of us, we've been drinking 8L of milk a WEEK! i think that's an insane amount of milk.

garrick's contribution: amanda's birthday is coming up and i've got a nice surprise (amanda in the background "ooohhhh, what?!?!?). (and other than that, nothing. i put him on the spot, oops!)


me sitting funny on the couch blogging away

loving: my changing body! i think it's important for a pregnant woman to embrace the changes, and that is definitely what i'm doing. i can't wait for the summer and for going to the beach every day after work (yes, i plan to wear a bikini still!) and show off my belly. it's an amazing thing to actually grow another human being inside of you! one that is half you, and half the person you love. wow.

thinking about: this weekend and the beautiful weather we're supposed to have. and also about my parents' visit.. it's going to be so much fun and so nice to have them here!

anticipating: our next midwife appointment next week. i would love to hear the baby's heartbeat again! and i'm NOT looking forward to another blood test this weekend. something got screwed up with my medical card number and the only thing that wasn't collected the last time was my blood type.. which i'm actually quite curious to know what it is!

listening to: no music over here.. just the clicking of the tv as garrick searches for the perfect movie to watch on netflix, as soon as i'm done with my post.

eating: well... i'm not actually eating anymore.. but i JUST finished eating two hotdogs for dinner! and garrick bought some delicious treats from sweet caroline's for dessert.

wishing: that i had a bigger baby bump, not just an over-stuffed tummy. and that garrick didn't have to go away for two nights next week.

i see a few people have voted! but i can't tell who voted what... so leave a comment! and say hi anyway! part of the reason i wanted to start this blog was to stay connected with friends and family, so let me know your thoughts and what's going on!


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  1. ooooooh look at that bump! it's getting so big! :D btw, i'm the one who voted that baby is a girl. hahaha. because that was my INITIAL thought. even though there have been some "signs" that it's a boy, like my dream, and all the boy baby clothes i keep finding. but i'm sticking to my intial gut feeling that it's a girl! i hope that the ultrasound will give us a hint!