Thursday, March 29, 2012

Second Trimester

15 weeks

15 weeks! i can't believe we've been making these pictures for 8 weeks already.. that's insane! i definitely notice a difference in belly size sinze the 8 week photo. we loved out midwife appointment as usual this week. and i think sylvia was thrilled to hear that we had definitely decided on a home birth.. provided everything goes as planned, anyway. i want to make sure to still keep an open mind just in case. i don't want to be disappointed or let down if we do end up needing to go to the hospital. but only positive thoughts here!!

this week we also had our first "interview" with a family doctor. he was soooo old! seriously. his doctor certificate thing was dated 1966. garrick thinks he's gonna die soon haha. and i think he was a little kooky. luckily, we have another interview with a different doctor next wednesday.. and sylvia says he's a younger guy. hopefully he's our match!

words from garrick...
i've been thinking a lot about having baby around.. and when baby is a year old.. laughing, giggling, walking.. i look forward to everything. i'm super duper excited that we're having a homebirth, cuz ultimately that's the best thing for mama and baby. and i'm also very pleased that amanda's able to stay home for not only the first year, but multiple years. it's very important for the development of the child to have a parent raising it. i'm happy that i can provide that for our family.

as previously mentioned, garrick was in edmonton for work meetings monday and tuesday night. his company has grown sooo much in the last few years, and he's excited to be part of all the action and changes. he says "watch out, competitors".

WOO there are 6 votes on the poll (i still only know who made 1 vote!)! we're now 3 for 3, boy to girl. hopefully  some of you decide to send pictures for the guessing game :)


  1. Your bump is teeny tiny, but super cute. I swear I was enormous right from the start. Or maybe I just felt that way?

    1. haha who knows! i definitely notice it this little bump!!