Sunday, May 13, 2012

Letter to my little cashew

Before I get into my letter, I'll talk briefly about our weekend!! Saturday, after we finished working at Garrick's warehouse, we made the drive back to kamloops to pick up our new trailer!!! Garrick couldn't wipe the grin off his face the entire way back to Vernon. We immediately took advantage of our new "house" and spent the night at Ellison provincial park. It was a lovely time. Dear my little cashew, Hello, baby boy! In the last week, you've certainly gotten stronger. I notice more and more when you're moving. Yesterday dad and I went camping for the first time in our new trailer! Dad didn't have time to conjure up the one big bed he promises, so we slept separately in the single beds, each with lots and lots of blankets to keep warm. At just before 3 am, you actually woke me up with a very swift, very strong kick on my right side. I placed my hand where I felt it and sure enough, you did it again! They were the strongest I've felt yet.. And soo weird! And almost creepy. I couldn't fall back to sleep due to dad's awful snoring (normally I give him a swift kick, but I wasn't going to get out of my own warm bed and disturb your acrobats!) so I whispered to you and rubbed the spot where you kept kicking. I layer my hand flat on my belly and felt a different sort of movement for the first time! It was as if you were dragging your foot (or knee, elbow, hand, etc. whatever it was) against my belly. It was the strangest, but very wonderful sensation ever. I was completely memorized. Today, you continue to kick pretty strongly. Dad's been able to feel two kicks today... I've felt many more. It seems like you prefer to do all your movement once dad leaves the room though. Silly boy. Dad said maybe his voice scares you.. I said that he needs to talk to you more then. Shortly after, he sang along to the Star Spangled Banner just for you. On another note, please make sure not to be allergic to cats. We love motor and pirate dearly, and you will too! My love for you grows more and more every day and i feel a greater connection with you every time you make your presence known. Keep growing in there, little one! Xoxo Mom Also, I found out recently that my youngest cousin had a terrible horse-riding accident this morning. Everyone please send your positive thoughts her way!! We hope for a full and speedy recovery. WE LOVE YOU!!!

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