Friday, May 18, 2012

Second Trimester

22 Weeks
Just a quick post today! I wanted to get this week's picture up before we left for the weekend. We're off to Vancouver early in the morning to celebrate our first anniversary!! I'm soooo ridiculously excited. So what's new this week.. I've gained close to 7 lbs so far! Haha. It was another fairly stressful work week.. I'm very glad to have a long weekend. The little man has been making lots of movement, which makes for a very happy mama! I especially like when I can feel him dragging his hand or foot along my tummy. We went camping for one night after picking up the trailer, and it was pretty fun! Garrick couldn't wipe the excited smile off his face the entire way from kamloops. Him being happy makes me very happy. It's time for me to wind down for bed and get an early sleep! I'll post about our weekend later. Hope everyone has a good long weekend!!

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