Thursday, May 10, 2012

Second Trimester

21 weeks

so. i have an anterior placenta.

like i mentioned, we got our ultrasound results back.. YAY! of course i saw with my own two eyes that our little cashew had a head and body, arms, legs, hands, and feet. he was all there. but i know very well that there are things an ultrasound tech is trained to discover that wouldn't normally be seen by an un-trained eye, so i was still a little anxious to get the results. everything looks good though! the only thing slightly out of the ordinary is the location of my placenta. normally it's on the back wall of the uterus.. mine is on the front. as long as it's not super low and covering the cervix, everything is all good. the only thing is that it can make it more difficult to feel the baby move! it acts as a cushion for them to kick and punch. and it can also make it hard to locate a heartbeat.. but we haven't had any problems with that. this could explain why i didn't feel anything for so long (it really wasn't that out of the ordinary to not feel movement til 18 weeks anyway) and why the real kicks are far and few between. but we know he's there and wiggling away, so there's nothing to be concerned about! it just makes me a little sad to think that we're missing out on most of the movement.

tonight is a yoga night! i'm going to get this 6 class pass for prenatal yoga, so i can go every couple weeks or whenever i want in between doing yoga at home. i think it's good to get out and mix up the yoga routine a little bit. garrick's going to go golfing while i'm out.. his swing could use a little practice haha :P

why do i always think about food? this isn't even a pregnant thing! i always think about it. i want to eat something even when i just ate a big meal and am super full. i love food. this morning i wanted cheese. this afternoon i wanted a fresh sour-doe sandwich with yummy cheese. then i wanted schnitzel. yum.

next weekend (may 18, to be exact) is our one-year anniversary! and my anniversary surprise was revealed. garrick sneakily booked a super nice hotel in vancouver for us for the weekend!!! AND he's taking me to the vancouver aquarium! every time we go to vancouver, i want to go to the aquarium soo bad, but we never have time to. there's a penguin exhibit that starts on the 18th! and lucky for us, it's a long weekend too. so i'm suuuuupeerrr excited!!! we love going on road trips together and it's been awhile since we've gone on one! and what a lovely thing for hubs to plan for me <3 i've just gotta figure out what to wear to our anniversary dinner.. none of my usual fancy dresses are going to fit, that's for sure!

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