Monday, May 7, 2012

our weekend

as previously mentioned, we've been keeping ourselves rather busy lately!! here's what our weekend looked like.

friday, we went to a play put on by the local music school. they did the wizard of oz, and it was such an amazing show!!! i thought it was going to be good, but it far exceeded my expectations. the acting was fabulous, the props were soooo well done - during the tornado, the shutters on the house were lifting, the doors and shutters were slamming around, so real! - and it was just very entertaining. we'll definitely be trying to see at least one more before the little man graces us with his presence.

i'm pretty sure that while we were sitting and waiting for the play to start, i felt some actual kicks! there were about 6 of them on my right side, that i could actually feel on the outside. garrick tried to feel, but by then he had stopped kicking/punching. a little while later, i had my left arm resting kind of on my stomach, and i felt another poke! i'm soooo excited for this to become a regular occurance. and for hubs to feel.

saturday, we made the drive all the way to kamloops. this was the day garrick was taking me to look at this trailer that he fell in love with. and now he's the proud new owner of it! provided that it passes inspection, we should be picking it up next saturday. and we'll be driving it straight to the provincial park campground that's 15 minutes from our house and spend the night! hehe. it's a 1995 23' holiday trailer that was being sold for $9,000.. garrick got it for $5,000. and it doesn't have any tacky upholstry, which is a bonus. we've already got 2 weekend camping trips reserved, and two more that are first come, first serve.

after the trailer business, we went shopping for our new baby boy!!!!
we bought a couple articles of clothing and outfits, socks, a pack of bibs, a light sleep sack, a stuffy/blankie, bedding set, cube shelving for his closet, and some fabric cubes to go along with it!

his bed is all owls! the main colours we'll be centering his room around are blue and brown. i think it's sooo cute.

sunday, we bought a bunch of stuff for the trailer.. some cleaning supplies, cutlery and plates, and other such things that will be kept in the trailer, so we're not constantly packing the same things up. and then it was off to the flower spot to spruce up the back yard! we just got a few things to start, and will get some more later.

my most favourite part is the strawberry plants that we got. and of course, all the purple flowers. i'm sooo excited that i'll actually be home in the evenings and on the weekends (when we're not camping :P) to enjoy the backyard, rather than get home when it's already dark out. YAY!!

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