Sunday, May 6, 2012

Second Trimester

20 weeks
eep! i've had this photo ready since thursday, but never got around to posting it! we were too busy with the gender reveal, and then.. just busy (i'll get into that later). so without further delay, here it is. week 20, halfway, as of wednesday, may 2.

i had so many things that i wanted to say in this post, and i just can't remember them all now!
i guess i'll start with our ultrasound appointment on thursday. i'm sure every single woman who's had an ultrasound can relate to the actual pain i was in from having such a full bladder! i think i finished drinking my 1 litre much earlier than necessary.. i had to painfully pee for an hour and a half before the appointment. ugh. i couldn't even pay much attention to the things garrick was telling me about while in the waiting room.

the ultrasound was soooo wonderful! baby boy was laying sideways across my tummy and was perfectly content in the position he was in. then it got time to look and see whether baby was a boy or girl. garrick and i had been studying ultrasound photos online and seeing what to look for. when the tech got to the portion of body where you'd be able to tell, garrick practically yelled "is that a weiner?!" the tech laughed, said yes, zoomed in, and said "...and there's the scrotum." in her much more tehcnically appropiate terms lol. it was pretty funny. she did all the measurements and printed some photos for us. near the end, boy gave some good little kicks and punches (that i still couldn't feel). it was so amazing to see, and crazy to think there's a little boy inside of me!

last week was quite a stressful one for me.. i certainly look forward to my maternity leave!!! hopefully this week is better... boss should be under less stress, so hopefully everything is good. i came home one night and needed a really good cry. luckily, i have an amazing husband who just sits and hugs me and tells me i'm wonderful and that it's not worth worrying about since it'll all be over with in less than 4 months. he definitely makes everything better.

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