Wednesday, May 30, 2012

24 weeks

week 24
Holy moly. Six months pregnant, already?? Seriously?! Where is the time going. I don't feel six months pregnant. I'm not ready to be almost done being pregnant (as excited as I am to meet the little man, pregnancy is wicked awesome for me.. And I love having him all to myself).

Here I sit in bed, sharing a secret language of taps, kicks, and punches with The Cashew. I'm trying to really pay attention to when he's active.. I'm told that babies usually follow roughly the same pattern day-to-day, as to when they're active/not. I've always noticed him after getting comfy in bed (which is always by 9 pm) and now I'm noticing him lots between 9:30 and 11 am too. And off and on during the rest of the day too, but those are two specific times I've noticed so far.

He definitely must be getting stronger. The last three nights in a row, I've been briefly woken up in the middle of the night. Nothing major where it's annoying and I can't fall back asleep.. It's still gently enough to simply put a smile on my face before I return back to dreamland.

so I'm kind of obsessed with all the different pregnant bellies out there. I loooove to (non-critically, of course!) compare bellies.. Especially the whole "boy-vs-girl, carrying low-vs-high" thing. Which I know lots of people would think is just a silly myth, but sometimes it really seems true!! I think the different bellies are just sooo interesting.

in a couple weeks, the hubs and I will be heading to kelowna for a much anticipated trip to the earl's rooftop patio for dinner. It's downtown, and facing the water.. And I've wanted to go since... Last summer, when we didn't find an opportunity. I'm also excited - and admittedly a little nervous - for that weekend because I'm after the perfect little black (maternity) dress to complete the outfit I have in mind for Garrick's high school reunion. But we all know how much I loathe maternity clothes and their rip-off prices! And how upset and disappointed the prices make me. If I can't find what I'm looking for, I'll be so sad not to create the outfit I have in mind. If I DO find it.. Well, then it better look like what I have in mind. And the outfit better end up flattering in the end. Positive thoughts!!!


  1. Try a size up in normal clothing and maybe a belt? I barely bought maternity clothing whilst pregnant. You can make a cute " dress" with a maxi skirt (or knee length i guess)pulled up over the bump with a pretty shirt tucked in and belted.

    1. i am definitely doing the size-up thing!! cuz i'm not really THAT big (yet).. so if i spend like, $6 on a pair of second-hand, larger than usual shorts, i'm okay with that!