Monday, April 23, 2012

my pregnancy

today in the beautiful weather
i'm bringing out the sunny, bright colours!! actually, i never put the bright colours away. but still.. this was the first time i wore this particular dress since last summer.

so here's kind of a summary of this pregnancy so far. i looked up a list of typical pregnancy symptoms and thought i'd compare my pregnancy.
- weight gain: (not really a symptom, but something worth noting) at the beginning, i wasn't gaining anything. as of now, 4 and a half months in, i've gained 4 lbs. i think that's a good amount of weight! of course, it's all just a number, and i'm definitely not focussing too much on it, but you are supposed to gain weight while pregnant, so it's good that i am

- sleep: (again, not a symptom) sleep is pretty good! i've definitely noticed that i don't sleep quite as soundly as i used to, but i've found a pretty good position - on either side with one pillow under my head, and the other parallel to the side of the bed, right under my head pillow. i'm sure as the belly grows, i'll get less and less comfortable

- back pain: i think it's still a little early to have anything major, but i do notice after sitting all day in a chair, then sitting on the couch at night, it's a little sore and i prefer to be propped up in bed

- bloating: ugh.. i think i experienced this for the first time thursday night

- dizziness: sometimes, if i stand up too quick

- fatigue: in the beginning i noticed some, but now i feel pretty good. i definitely can't stay up late though! by 10 pm i'm pretty beat... keeping in mind i don't sleep in past 8 ever and am usually up around 7.

- food aversion: do not like raw spinach right now. and sometimes i'd prefer not to eat a big chunk of meat

- food cravings: nothing too major.. i love pickles and anything potato.. sometimes crave cheese.. not very often do i crave sweet things. today i really wanted that thai coconut soup with rice.. but oh well..

- headaches/migraines: prior to being pregnant, i was prone to a migraine once every 2 months or so. they were very visually-oriented and caused major nausea and even vomitting. i am soooooo thankful that i haven't experienced one since being pregnant. and the only time i've had a headache was totally because i was dehydrated. drinking a big glass of water solved it.

- heartburn: i can proudly say that i've still never experienced heartburn! hopefully it stays that way

- itching: ohh yessss... my belly drives me crazy the second i start doing yoga. i must always remember to lube up beforehand

- leg cramps: no cramps, but they do get restless sometimes

- nausea: in the beginning i felt a little under the weather first thing in the morning.. it was totally related to hunger

- stretch marks: nothing yet!!!

- small bladder: it's actually pprrrreeeettttyyy good for the most part. i get up once almost every night, usually between 4 and 5 to pee. and throughout the day.. well, i usually drink 4 cups of (decaf) green tea so all that detoxing makes me pee!

- baby movement: i finally started feeling it on wednesday!!! it's pretty un-noticeable.. mostly throughout the days i'm too busy to pay attention to it. but whenever i want a small break, i zone in on my bump and focus.. and there it is! and i'm convinced that when i poke my belly, it prompts baby to move *shrug*

- belly button: this thing is definitely making it's way out! most days it's almost flush with my skin.. i think by 23 weeks it'll be sticking out. how cute <3

- maternity clothes: as i've mentioned many times, i couldn't get enough of my maternity leggings. also previously mentioned, i wore my black skinny maternity work pants for last week's photo, and loved them. i think they will be making more of a presence (not just cuz they're super cute!) since a couple pairs of regular dress pants are getting so tight in the belly that they're leaving marks. i wore that new green maternity top yesterday, other than that, the rest of the wardrobe is sitting in waiting. most of my other clothes are a stretchy material, so they'll still work for a while. and i've still got the belly bands for shorts that are too tight!

- skin condition: in the beginning - when it's worse for most people - my skin was great! i thought it was due to my coconut oil moisturizing. in the last couple weeks though... ick. i've got mild breakouts all over the place! it doesn't make me very happy. hopefully as i continue to ride this hormone roller coaster, it'll go away

- round ligament pain: ohhhh yesss. i have to be careful to not move too quickly or jump out of the truck too fast cuz they start stinging pretty bad!

- appetite: so there's a good chance that you already know that i'm usually hungry ALL the time. even in a non-pregnancy state. i just love to eat, and i get hungry soon after a meal. yesterday for instance.. we finished dinner by 7.. and by 8, i was starving. good grief. and i wake up in the middle of the night ALL the time with the worst hunger pains. i seriously should keep some snacks in the night stand.

haha that turned into quite the list. anyway, here's a picture from the nursery doorway! yes, there is tape on the edges of the crib.. we want to teach the kitties to stay out of there right from the beginning, and the only way to do that is to put tape, sticky side up, all around. pirate got herself tangled up once so far.. it usually doesn't take too many attempts to teach them.


  1. You already have your nursery put together? Wow, I am so jealous - and so far behind! Looks adorable, btw. :)

    1. lol.. the husband was so excited when he found out we were pregnant that he wanted to start buying things right away.. half of it we've had since we were like, 6 weeks pregnant! haha. and thank you.. i look forward to adding some detail and personality to it now! one more week!!!
      can't wait to see your nursery!