Sunday, April 15, 2012

today's special

pirate seems to have a problem with sleeping in.

maybe it's because she's used to me being awake at 6 am during the week. today and yesterday, by 7 am, she had been meowing and scratching outside of the bedroom door for at least 45 minutes. and she's really smart! she must know that in order to open a door, you have to do something with the knob. so when she desperately wants in, she starts jumping and hitting the door knob!

the other thing she started doing this weekend? stealing avocados out of the fruit dish. both today and yesterday, she carried an avocado all the way upstairs.. and today, she had enough time to eat into some of it. so when i was later making myself some guacamole (for the 4th time in two weeks.. yum..) i offered her some off my finger. she gobbled it right up! what a strange thing for a cat to want to eat.

did i mention that last weekend, when mom, garrick, and i were sitting in the backyard, a duck wandered up the bank to our fence? so we fed it some bread, then decided to open the gate and see if it wanted to come in. it did!!! it wandered right into the yard, snacked on some delicious grass, and let my mom take a photo from a foot away. what a friendly little girl! and speaking of birds in the backyard.. yesterday morning, there was a goose on the roof of our shed! it was there for a couple hours. too funny.

oh!!! we went to see the hunger games last night.. it was amazing!!! highly recommended. garrick, knowing absolutely nothing about it, thought it was fabulous. today, we went to a newly found zig zag path that goes down the side of the mountain to a dock! it was so peaceful standing on the dock together.. until this hydro plane zipped by haha. the walk back up wasn't so fun for me though. there must be too much blood in my body for my heart to pump! i survived.. i don't think i'll be wanting to do that in another couple months though.

how was your weekend?

and p.s. there's a new picture for the guessing game!

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