Tuesday, April 24, 2012

ten-things tuesday

1. i like to make lists.
2. i love my husband. and when he goes away overnight, i love the very next time i get to see him.
3. i like taking moments out of my busy day to just sit still and concentrate on the somersaults going on inside of me.
4. i love that garrick has more skill in the kitchen than i do. if we were equal, we'd starve.
5. i like that my kitties match each other physically,  but are complete opposites personality wise. things are never boring between the two of them.
6. i love the feeling of summer being right around the corner.
7. i secretly like when pirate wakes us up extra early on the weekends and we can all cuddle in bed while still half-asleep.
8. i love having a creek behind our house.
9. i like having a daytime, monday to friday job. for now.. until my job is 24/7 mom. then i will like that.
10. i love being pregnant.

and, check out the guessing game again.. more pictures!!

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