Thursday, April 12, 2012

Second Trimester

17 Weeks
here's our 17-week photo! a huge thank you to kathryn for the maternity leggings i'm wearing here (and basically every day after work). they are so comfy, and actually stay up! and there's still a ton of belly room to grow.

as previously mentioned, mom and dad were here for a visit. i surprisingly had not just friday off, but monday as well! that was a pleasant surprise. it was nice to have an entire looooooong weekend off.. if i were still at the old job, i wouldn't have had the opportunity to spend so much time with my family. mom and dad contributed their picture guessing (or "knowing", as mom would say) whether baby K is a boy or girl.

our last dinner together

overlooking kal lake

this week, i also told the lady i work with the big news. she's very excited for us, but says i'll have to tell the boss right away. but i'm worried about losing my job way too soon! how nerve-racking...

tuesday night kari came over for dinner one last time. she's moving from kelowna back to alberta. i had a few tears in my eyes as we said good-bye and garrick was pretty  bummed about it too. she's family to him and it's always hard to say bye to family.

today and last night i've been wondering if i've been feeling flutters. it's actually more like rolling or somesaults in my belly. but could i want to be feeling something so bad that i'm imagining it? so far i've been quite enjoying this whole pregnancy business! i think i've had it pretty easy so far. maybe the fact that i'm so positive helps.. and that i've got such a supportive husband! he's stood behind me with everything i want to do in regards to this pregnancy and birth... he gives me back rubs when i'm sore, gets me pickles and other snacks when i'm hungry, tells me my belly's bigger than the day before (cuz i always ask.. and there's probably no difference), and the usual things he does, like make dinner and take me to movies. <3

words from the daddy...
"hi baby! 17 weeks old. you're getting big and you're going to arrive very soon. summer is starting and then at the end of summer you'll be here. just in time for me to sell buttloads of winter tires and make lots of money cuz you're gonna cost me a fortune. mommy has a contest going to figure out whether you're a boy or a girl. i'm not going to play cuz it doesn't matter to me whether you're a boy or girl. all i want is for you to be healthy, and at the end of the day you're my child and that's most important. i get to spend a lot of  time on the road thinking about you and all the fun we will have. playoff hockey has just started so i think you'll be a hockey player. i was talking to you last night through mom's belly, and when you're between 8 and 10, we will fly to tampa to see my favourite hockey team (which will be YOUR favourite hockey team as well)."


  1. looking good lady! so happy to hear you're enjoying the leggings :) don't worry, I will send a picture soon for the guessing game! gary - your posts make me smile <3 you guys are gonna make GREAT parents

    1. looooove them... i probably should have gotten two pairs! lol. they collect cat hair like there's no tomorrow though. YAY for pictures!! thanks kath