Thursday, April 26, 2012

Second Trimester

19 weeks

almost halfway! i really can't believe that.. it's going by too fast! i'm certainly not wanting pregnancy to be over yet. and i'm aaaaalllmost not ready to find out the sex in a way. i'm not at that anxious point where i desperately need to know. on the other hand i'm very excited to find out, be able to call baby he/she instead of it, feel even more of a connection, and start SHOPPING!!! we'll be able to complete the nursery with wonderful bedding and pictures.

yesterday we went to another midwife appointment. it was pushed back by 45 minutes because sylvia had a lot of babies to deliver in the month of april (example: 7 within 10 days.. and 3 of those were within 24 hours! and she caught every baby except for one. impressive) so some appointments were pushed into our week. that is juuuuuust fine with me. everything is going well.. last appointment, she said my uterus was lower (shorter?) than expected - nothing to be worried about - and this time it's caught right up to where it should be. it's about one finger-width's below my belly button. we talked about birth, doulas, prenatal classes.. other good things. and we heard the heartbeat again!!! such a wonderful sound. it's always so relieving to hear. sometimes i have this completely silly worry that something happened to the baby since last appointment and i'm just randomly gaining weight hahaha. so i like to know there's still something in there! this will go away once i feel baby moving more. right now it's still just little barrel rolls and somersaults, but it'll get stronger in the next couple weeks! from what i've read, typically 2-4 weeks after mom feels movement, dad can feel it from the outside too.

every day i want to wear leggings. it's like wearing pajamas to work! and i probably have enough dresses for like, a two-week rotation.. but maybe that would be weird. plus i'd be switching between two pairs of leggings lol.

i'm really excited to see our ultrasound. sometimes it still seems so surreal that we made this little human that's growing inside of me. are you really in there?!?! since we haven't had an ultrasound yet, it'll be really special to see. i want to count all those fingers and toes, see that cute little button nose, and those puckering lips. eee!! soo cute. i read that at this point, baby's feet are about 1 inch long. mini feet!

words from daddy...
"i've been shopping for trailers the last month. daddy's really excited to buy one for family camp trips. i'm looking at a trailer with bunks so you and your brother or sister can have a cozy comfortable place to sleep when we camp EVERY weekend from may til september. mom doesn't want to get a trailer tomorrow (mom adds "because we need to be positive we're financially stable when baby's here before making large purchases") but if it was up to me, i'd already have one parked in the driveway (mom: "but you DO understand where i'm coming from, don't you???"). in a few years when you're just old enough to really enjoy amusement parks, we will be packing up the trailer and heading down to silverwood in idaho where they have a large outdoor amusement park and a water park. that will be one of many great family vacations we take every year. almost every day i think about solely vacationing - creating the summer memories that i was lucky to have growing up. children deserve the opportunity to see not only their country, but enjoy summer with a family going to exciting new places and everyone experiencing these new adventures together. it's a great way to build memories and a great way to bond with everyone. and i'm very excited to find out whether i'll be hanging a steven stamkos poster in your room next week, or not."

another new picture for the guessing game!

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  1. I completely understand your thoughts on the ultrasounds. I look at my 5 week old and it trips me out that this little person grew inside me!