Sunday, April 29, 2012

This is true love.

For the last few months, I've been contemplating about whether or not I wanted an iPad. Then i was contemplating whether I should actually be spending the money on one right now. I felt almost guilty spending the money on myself when we have a baby on the way. Well the pros of having one outweighed the cons and the guilt! Garrick was going to get one for Christmas for me anyway, so we decided to split the cost of one. (and no, this isn't about the iPad being my true love!!) So this was our day yesterday. We renewed my insurance, hubs went to the driving range while I got my nails done, then we drove to kelowna to look at a holiday trailer that Garrick was looking at buying. He wasn't completely satisfied, so we headed back to Vernon. We were sharing a bowl of delicious thai coconut soup while discussing this whole iPad thing. It was decided we'd go to future shop and make the purchase. YAY!!! Happy happy me. Except future shop didn't have the particular one I wanted! They said kelowna had nine. Off to Walmart. Nope. Zellers. Doesn't sell apple stuff. And the mall is closed (it was past 5:30 at this point). Superstore..? Nope. London drugs. Not the one I want. So by this time, I was of course quite sad that I wasn't going to get my new toy today. We'd go to kelowna on Sunday. We walk out of London drugs... And what does Garrick say? "check what time kelowna is open til. We'll go there now." even though I didn't even ask! Even though we had already been to kelowna once that day!!! Oh.em.gee. I couldn't believe he was willing to do that. True love... Just to make his wife happy. So long story short, kelowna didn't even have nine. Their computer said maybe 1. It ended up being an open box, which meant it was also slightly cheaper. The guy actually gave us a deal that we payed regular price for the iPad but got a free ($30.. Which the discount price was only $15 cheaper) screen protector that they'd put on for me. I also wanted one of the screen covers ($45) and then Garrick found an open box one of those for only $25!!! So I spent that extra $20 on the final season of lost. I needed to complete the series and it was soo cheap!!!! So the trip did end up being very successful. AND to top it off, we saw a friend of a friend that we've met a few times in the past, who works at future shop. As we were passing by, he congratulated me on the baby. My face absolutely lit up and I asked "how did you know?!?!" he pointed at my belly and said it was noticeable. He knew I wasn't just a little tubby cuz of how "fit" I was before. I was soo excited and told him he was the first person to notice, and how happy that made me. Then the guy that was actually helping us said that it was definitely noticeable, but still a little awkward to being up. So it was a very happy day for me.

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